Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Family Life

My blog has been super boring but the Little Yellow House has not. :) We have been busy busy around here and it has been good. If I could remember/learn how to post pictures this blog would be much more interesting. The things that intimidate me are hilarious, are they not? :)

God has blessed Clay with one photography job after the other which has been a blessing. I am so proud of him and how hard he works for us. He has also been getting all kinds of great WW2 stuff from the library for him and I. We read these two comic books (I know...weird) about a man that was in a concentration camp. They were so good! And then we watched The Hiding Place and The Pianist. Both great movies about Europe at that time. The Pianist, in my girlie opinion, was a little graphic and violent. But over all an incredible story. I finished a small biography about Corrie ten Boom and Clay just finished Night. Clay LOVES the public library system, he cracks me up at how excited he gets when things come in. I am thankful for him.

Ellie is more beautiful and full of personality everyday. :) She is merging from toddler to little girl, her face and fingers are growing more thin and elegant. And her interest in toys and activities is changing. She is a sweetie!!

Athanasius is walking like a pro now, and loving it! He is different than Eleanor. Eleanor loves people and enjoys doing everything with Mommy, Athanasius will go off by himself and play all by himself perfectly content. Clay and I have to make an effort to include him at times because he is so happy by himself. So I guess God thought it would be interesting to give us two opposites. :) Athan loves going outside and playing in the sand box. He rearranges Daddy's books and my mixing bowls...they are two great kids!

And me? I am in the middle several projects...of course. :) When they will be completed I haven't the foggiest idea. But I enjoy it, and it blesses me. I made yogurt for the first time and loved it! It seems to get better and better each time. I am learning life is a process and it is okay that it has taken us four or five weeks to paint our kitchen.

As a household He is teaching us to be thankful. As I write this I can barely move my neck because it is messed up, again. I was just at the chiropractor's last week. But I know that God loves me and bearing His cross many times means suffering. And without suffering I probably wouldn't love God or try to keep His commandments. So I have had to thank God for my neck hurting and throbbing, and you know what? It doesn't hurt quite as bad when my attitude is in check. But sometimes I am having to check it minute by minute...we are weak creatures aren't we?

I have been wanting to post for awhile and this what I came up with. :) Have a restful evening!