Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

If you have small children that wake up early, what do you do with them?  I turn on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood on youtube and give them breakfast.  That way I can make our bed and get dressed.  Getting dressed is really important to me, staying in my pj's doesn't work for me.  I don't know why because it seems so cozy but I feel messy and grumpy. 

Today they are eating homemade granola bars.  It is a new recipe and seems like a hit.  I try to have something baked that is easy to grab and still filling.  Felicity is eating a graham cracker, the bars were a bit too crunchy, although, Athanasius did give her a bite. : )

One day I want to get out of this habit of plopping them in front of the laptop, but for now I will be at peace with it and spend my mental energy somewhere else. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Daily Life

 I'm not sure how he does it, but he does.

 This is the scholar look.   Or...stop taking pictures look.

 Sometimes I ask the kids to do legos on our bed so FiFi will not choke on them.  I have a fear of legos!

 A keyboard and an 11 month old, so exciting!

 Athanasius got a sling shot and alphabet bean bags for Nativity.  This is our new game, knock down the tower.

 I love this bracelet!  My Mom found this for her.

 Sweet girl!!

 Felicity made her way to rug.  Little by little.

 It was fun for about two days to dry laundry on the rack! Ha!

 These are some creatures I created a couple weeks ago.  This is "Big Sister Bird".

 "Little Sister Bird"

 These birds are stuffed with fluff but then the last couple inches at the bottom are dried beans so they can stand up straight.

 "Hiss the Snake" filled with dried beans.

 On some adventure.  :)

 Every cat's dream, to be owned by a five year old boy!

 I am holding FiFi with my left arm and taking a picture with my right.  It was a bad idea!

 My better idea to get a picture of Felicity was to sit her on the cold ground.

Boaz and Clay were making a quick trip to ALDI so that is why they are not in any of the pictures.  We have been blessed with better weather and some sunshine.  I love sunshine!  I love these kids, I'm trying to keep my soul quiet and focus on what really matters in my day and NOT focus on what I'm not getting accomplished or not progressing in my own weaknesses.