Thursday, September 24, 2015


These are some old pictures (except for the two of the wreath) I have been wanting to post.  That was the last bouquet for our little garden.  I had fun putting it together.  It was intended for our Nuns at church but they were not there that week, so our Priest and Matushka took it. :) 

The pictures of Athanasius and Felicity melt my heart!!  I was walking in the bathroom to check on everyone brushing their teeth when I saw he was brushing her hair, and she was letting him! I ran back through the kitchen, pass Clay, saying, "I've got to get the camera, quick!!"  I grabbed the camera and she was still sitting there.  Athanasius was so gentle and sweet, he LOVES to do things for Felicity but sometimes she doesn't also welcome it.   When I was pregnant with Felicity and feeling like poo everyday, all the time, for nine months we would play "hair".  Which meant I got to sit still and the kids fixed my hair.  Athanasius probably loved it the most and would play it the longest.  I could not have picked out our children's personalities and make up if I had tried. 

The Fall wreath is up, which I like but it also makes me a little sad because it means winter is around the corner.  But we will get through it!  :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Birthdays and Hair Cuts

Boaz turned 4 on Sunday!  Here is a little bit about Bo at this stage of life...he is sweet and a cuddle bug.  He twirls his hair in the front, a lot.  He can sit and watch our rabbit or the chickens forever, just sitting there being still.  I wish I was like that!  He also LOVES bugs and is so sweet and gentle with them, he talks to them.  He loves Athanasius and wants to be just like him.  If he gets scared at night he will go to Ellie's room (his second mother) and climb into bed with her, she loves it.  We are sooo thankful for this boy and can not imagine life without him. The other night I was taking my bath and someone slipped a drawing under the door, it was Bo.  He is very thoughtful and loves to bless others.   When we are at a park I see him walk up to kids and say, "I'm Bo, what's your name?"   :) 

In other news, Ellie got a hair cut!!!! She wanted me to cut it and I was very nervous!  But, I think it turned out fine.  I think it looks so cute short!  I miss the long hair, but she can grow it out again if she wants. :) 

Also, did you notice the birthday miracle?? I got a picture with all my kids, and everyone is looking at the camera! Do you know how hard that is?  Very!  I am sooo happy about the pictures, now it is Clay's turn! 

Take Care and God Bless!