Thursday, September 24, 2015


These are some old pictures (except for the two of the wreath) I have been wanting to post.  That was the last bouquet for our little garden.  I had fun putting it together.  It was intended for our Nuns at church but they were not there that week, so our Priest and Matushka took it. :) 

The pictures of Athanasius and Felicity melt my heart!!  I was walking in the bathroom to check on everyone brushing their teeth when I saw he was brushing her hair, and she was letting him! I ran back through the kitchen, pass Clay, saying, "I've got to get the camera, quick!!"  I grabbed the camera and she was still sitting there.  Athanasius was so gentle and sweet, he LOVES to do things for Felicity but sometimes she doesn't also welcome it.   When I was pregnant with Felicity and feeling like poo everyday, all the time, for nine months we would play "hair".  Which meant I got to sit still and the kids fixed my hair.  Athanasius probably loved it the most and would play it the longest.  I could not have picked out our children's personalities and make up if I had tried. 

The Fall wreath is up, which I like but it also makes me a little sad because it means winter is around the corner.  But we will get through it!  :)


  1. Such a sweet, sweet moment to cherish forever! What a great big brother too!