Tuesday, March 23, 2010

~Spring Wreath~




This is a wreath I made today, I found all the supplies at Hobby Lobby for half off! I might add a few more sprigs in a couple places. I was going for a just picked from the garden/ shabby chick/romantic look. I like it!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Would You like to upsize this post for $.40? Umm...sure why not, right? (This is my supersize post)

Part 1:
Clay's birthday was on the fourth, after his special dinner we went to the park. It was fun, we really like parks. :) The static from the slides is worth the sacrifice.

Ellie lovingly getting Athan to look at the camera, gotta love their chemistry.


Me and Ellie ready to slide, notice the static.

The photographer is on the other side of the camera. What a great Daddy he is!

Part 2:
Friday was so beautiful! We spent hours outside. I could not bare to be inside.
She is very adamant about being strapped in. Really!

Athan doing what he does...chewing on his cup. Very creative he is.


Brother and Sister love!

She got it! Ellie's mission in life is to kiss and hug this boy. Sometimes I have to gently tell her to give him a little break.


I'm not giving the evil eye, my left eye is just weird. :)

Look Mom, no hands! --- See, now that's creative.

God gives and God takes away...Ellie looking out the window at rain yesterday. And this morning we woke up to snow on the ground and ice on the trees. But the sun will be back, right? It is Spring after all.

We are home with sickly littles, all this up and down with the weather what else is to be expected? Just colds but we didn't think our friends at church would appreciate all the nose wiping! Enjoy your day and Christ!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Well, it's official...

...There is a brother and sister in the house. This morning Athan was repeatedly tugging on one of Ellie's pigtails and laughing. Ellie was enthralled in the captivating Spot Goes to School, and finally screeched out, Alphie, stop! Being almost 10 months old, he does not know what that means yet.

And Mommy is wondering where has the sunshine gone? :) I think I need like ten more house plants and fresh coats of paint in every room. Honey, are you reading this from work?? :) I know I am going to be the crazy old lady that has the 30 year old fern which is included in her will.
Well, we will persevere with hide and seek inside, dance time after lunch (this is our new favorite dancing song!) Ellie loves it, I just put it on repeat and we dance as long as Mommy can make it! I think Ellie has this incredible, unearthly energy and desire to spin, a lot.

Well, if the sun in shining where you are please send it the Midwest way. Mrs. Pearlstein would really appreciate it! :) Enjoy your day and Christ!

Oh, I almost forgot...have any of you mothers received your baby's birth certificate and they misspelled his name? We did! But I guess that is what get for naming him Athanasius. That problem has been fixed and then I called the SS office to inform them of the change, they never received a request for AthanasiNs....mmmmm...after being on hold for a long time I was told I have to fill out a form, come into the office and present two forms of id for him. Even though the office of health and senior services said I did select to have a SS # for him. And as soon as you mention you had your baby at home no one knows what is going on. What patriotism I had is on the line here. :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What Happens when Ellie Babysit's :)

Once upon a time there was a sweet little girl and a determined baby boy. They were brother and sister and they loved each other very much. This one day Momma was finishing some baking and asked little girl to baby sit for a minute. Two toys were put on the rug and there they should have stayed contentedly and happily playing.
Momma put the cookies in the oven, looked to check on her babies and this is what she found. Only the two toys...where could they be? :)


Determined baby boy started crawling to one of his favorite places, the tent in big sister's room. A couple pillows and blankets made for a fun place to hang out. Big sister knows she is not suppose to carry baby brother so she followed him, to protect him of course.



Momma found them laughing and hugging. Big sister did turn out to be a good babysitter even though baby brother changed plans on her. And Momma took pictures to remember this special memory and thought...how undeserving she is to be Momma to these two joyful, beautiful, and mischievous littles.


"It was his idea Momma." :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ellie Speaks~

Eleanor has been saying some beautiful and lovely things lately...

~I asked Eleanor if she wanted to be a Mommy and get married someday. "Yes! I do! And I want to be a totagrapher!" (A "photographer" you get the idea) Most evenings her and Clay will look through his photography books and just talk about them. She loves them! Even though I am a little unsure when there is a picture of a Polar bear ripping the insides out of a penguin and Ellie ask, "where is his head?" We just tell her, that God made some animals to eat other animals and that is how they survive?? She seems to accept that.

~Clay also asked Ellie the other day if she wanted to get married. Her reply melted me! "Yes! I want to marry you Daddy." :)

~When I put Ellie to bed I will ask things like, "What did you like about the day, or what was your favorite part?" or "What are you thankful for?" She is almost three so sometimes I have to help her along. But we are trying to nuture grateful and joyful hearts, we want our children at a young age to think about and acknowledge these things in their lives. Well, one night I was telling her all kinds of things that I love about her --- why? Because I want her to know! I asked, "Do you know that Mommy loves you?" Her reply, "Yeh, because God gave me to you. And you to me! God gave Daddy to me, and Papa, and Uncle Matthew and Nana. Nana is your Mommy and my Grandma, right?" What a sweetie!

~Just this morning when I was preparing breakfast, with my little helper by my side (more like life commentator of the Pearlstein's!) she asked, " Mommy, were you a pirate when you were a little kid?" "No (where did this come from??) But I was a ballerina." (Ellie loves ballerinas) "Yeh, I was a ballerina too when I was a little kid!" What a nut we have!

Have a joyful day with your kiddos --- fight for the joy!