Sunday, March 21, 2010

Would You like to upsize this post for $.40? Umm...sure why not, right? (This is my supersize post)

Part 1:
Clay's birthday was on the fourth, after his special dinner we went to the park. It was fun, we really like parks. :) The static from the slides is worth the sacrifice.

Ellie lovingly getting Athan to look at the camera, gotta love their chemistry.


Me and Ellie ready to slide, notice the static.

The photographer is on the other side of the camera. What a great Daddy he is!

Part 2:
Friday was so beautiful! We spent hours outside. I could not bare to be inside.
She is very adamant about being strapped in. Really!

Athan doing what he does...chewing on his cup. Very creative he is.


Brother and Sister love!

She got it! Ellie's mission in life is to kiss and hug this boy. Sometimes I have to gently tell her to give him a little break.


I'm not giving the evil eye, my left eye is just weird. :)

Look Mom, no hands! --- See, now that's creative.

God gives and God takes away...Ellie looking out the window at rain yesterday. And this morning we woke up to snow on the ground and ice on the trees. But the sun will be back, right? It is Spring after all.

We are home with sickly littles, all this up and down with the weather what else is to be expected? Just colds but we didn't think our friends at church would appreciate all the nose wiping! Enjoy your day and Christ!


  1. Missed you guys! Love the pictures... glad you all got to enjoy the nice weather while we had it... :)

  2. Well, I feel better because I have a weird eye too! :)

  3. Aw, I love all of these photos! Seeing Clay & Ellie side-by-side ... wow, I never realized she had his eyes before! And I laughed when I read your comment about not giving the evil eye. Ha! I did look at that photo & thought that you looked less-than-thrilled. =) Thanks for the blog post - I love reading it! BTW - I did get your message & will try giving you a call tonight.

  4. What beautiful photos of your beautiful family!!! Lovely post.