Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ellie Speaks~

So the house across the street is getting a lot of remodeling done. Ellie is looking out the window, "Mommy, they are naked!" Can you guess...two of the guys do not have their shirts on. "Mommy are they honoring themselves, they are wicked." I then proceed to explain that yes, they are honoring themselves, but sometimes people do not have someone to teach them how to honor God and obey him, like you do Ellie. We don't want a little three year old pharisee around the house. :) (We have been reading through the psalms so she hears a lot about the wicked! )

Tonight Clay were sitting on the couch and the kids were in Ellie's room, which is off of the living room. They were playing and jabbering away when we hear a "clunk" then, "a baby's cry" and then sweet Ellie, "Oh! I'm sorry Buddy! Will you forgive me?" She runs into the living room, "I hit brother on the head with a toy, but it was an accident." And then she also asked us to forgive her. :) Back into the room she goes...we were cracking up.

The other day in a store she was in the cart and we were going past this other family, the kid was flipping out. Ellie says, right there in front of them (and loudly), "What is wrong with him??" Go faster! Get away! Is all I thought. She will also tell kids kids to "Stop it" if they are throwing a fit. Fortunately, she usually whispers this under her breath in this very serious voice. She is crazy, I love taking her places. :) It is always a little bit more exciting.

Friday, June 4, 2010

When it Rains it Pours...and Then There is Sunshine!

Do you ever have one of those days? I know you do, we all do. I didn't really feel like I had those days until I became a Mommy! I didn't really feel like I had trials until I became a Mommy, what was I learning before then?? :) Well we had a day this week that was a testing of faith for us. A.) Athanasius came down with the chickenpox B.) Our car broke down and my husband had to get a ride home from work. C.) Our dentist sent me a bill for a visit from last month, which I had paid at the time. "I will not freak out, I will not freak out. God loves us, and He is good." This is what I kept telling myself, a lot. This all happened on Wednesday. When my husband called our mechanic he said he probably wouldn't even be able to LOOK at it until Monday. Clayton took his chances since he likes this guy. Thursday rolls around and the car is towed that morning, the dentist office made a mistake, Athanasius still had the chicken pox and will for a little while, but $500 later with a new starter and battery our car came home! Our mechanic found out it was our only car and fit us in, I don't how. Look at all that sunshine! And also, my husband came home with a rifle! Bizarre, I know. The fellow teacher that was going to take Clayton from work to the auto place just invited him home to hang around there (the car wasn't going to be ready for a couple hours) and they started talking about guns. Clayton has been wanting a gun for awhile but it never seems to make it on the priority list, so he was really blessed by this. It is crazy big and I'm not what I think about it. But Ellie was trying to comfort me and said she wanted a pink gun and asked if I wanted a yellow or purple gun? :) She is so sweet. Since it has mostly been an indoor week for us, which isn't the norm, Clayton took Ellie on a date to the zoo. She was so excited! I asked her to look at the giraffe for me because they are my favorite. She said, " Well, probably I will look at the monkeys, I like them more."

I hope you have a good weekend, enjoying Christ, no matter your circumstances.