Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ellie Speaks~

So the house across the street is getting a lot of remodeling done. Ellie is looking out the window, "Mommy, they are naked!" Can you guess...two of the guys do not have their shirts on. "Mommy are they honoring themselves, they are wicked." I then proceed to explain that yes, they are honoring themselves, but sometimes people do not have someone to teach them how to honor God and obey him, like you do Ellie. We don't want a little three year old pharisee around the house. :) (We have been reading through the psalms so she hears a lot about the wicked! )

Tonight Clay were sitting on the couch and the kids were in Ellie's room, which is off of the living room. They were playing and jabbering away when we hear a "clunk" then, "a baby's cry" and then sweet Ellie, "Oh! I'm sorry Buddy! Will you forgive me?" She runs into the living room, "I hit brother on the head with a toy, but it was an accident." And then she also asked us to forgive her. :) Back into the room she goes...we were cracking up.

The other day in a store she was in the cart and we were going past this other family, the kid was flipping out. Ellie says, right there in front of them (and loudly), "What is wrong with him??" Go faster! Get away! Is all I thought. She will also tell kids kids to "Stop it" if they are throwing a fit. Fortunately, she usually whispers this under her breath in this very serious voice. She is crazy, I love taking her places. :) It is always a little bit more exciting.

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  1. She is precious! You are doing a great job teaching her Biblical principles!