Friday, October 5, 2012

Blessings, So Many Blessings

Here is a quick look in to the Little Yellow House today...Boaz came down with a fever last night.  When the big kids were babies they would just lay on me and cuddle.  Very sweet. But Boaz has appropriately been renamed "Little Tyrant" because he wants everyone to know just how he feels.  We do sympathize with him and we love him but the Tylenol had to be issued.  He is a funny little guy always wanting to be right in the thick of things.  I can only wonder what this time next year will look like with a more mobile two year old and with his personality.

As I write Eleanor and Clay are coloring downstairs, simultaneously Clay and Athanasius are watching some soccer player do stuff on youtube.  I hear things like... "Whoa!"  "He's kicking it thru a moving tire."  "Babe, you gotta see this."  ---- Oh wait, they are all looking for me now. :) I love them.  

Previously I was crocheting in the kitchen while Athanasius was finishing his dinner.  Many a meals he is the last one at the table.  So I thought I would keep him company, the crocheting must have given him a boost of energy (it is his scarf I am working on) because he finished and left me.  Soccer on youtube was waiting.

We bought a season of the Duggars.  I know, we are cool.  No, but we are happy and that mean's so much more.  The past few nights we have watched an episode after dinner.  I remember when Clay and I used to talk about what it would be like when our little kids would actually sit with us on the couch and watch a movie.  Well, it is here!  And it is so fun.  The kids are enjoying it so much more than we anticipated.  

Hopefully, I will have more interesting things to post about, like pictures of our kids.  So sorry to our far away family! Pictures are coming soon.  Good night and God bless from the Pearlsteins.