Friday, October 5, 2012

Blessings, So Many Blessings

Here is a quick look in to the Little Yellow House today...Boaz came down with a fever last night.  When the big kids were babies they would just lay on me and cuddle.  Very sweet. But Boaz has appropriately been renamed "Little Tyrant" because he wants everyone to know just how he feels.  We do sympathize with him and we love him but the Tylenol had to be issued.  He is a funny little guy always wanting to be right in the thick of things.  I can only wonder what this time next year will look like with a more mobile two year old and with his personality.

As I write Eleanor and Clay are coloring downstairs, simultaneously Clay and Athanasius are watching some soccer player do stuff on youtube.  I hear things like... "Whoa!"  "He's kicking it thru a moving tire."  "Babe, you gotta see this."  ---- Oh wait, they are all looking for me now. :) I love them.  

Previously I was crocheting in the kitchen while Athanasius was finishing his dinner.  Many a meals he is the last one at the table.  So I thought I would keep him company, the crocheting must have given him a boost of energy (it is his scarf I am working on) because he finished and left me.  Soccer on youtube was waiting.

We bought a season of the Duggars.  I know, we are cool.  No, but we are happy and that mean's so much more.  The past few nights we have watched an episode after dinner.  I remember when Clay and I used to talk about what it would be like when our little kids would actually sit with us on the couch and watch a movie.  Well, it is here!  And it is so fun.  The kids are enjoying it so much more than we anticipated.  

Hopefully, I will have more interesting things to post about, like pictures of our kids.  So sorry to our far away family! Pictures are coming soon.  Good night and God bless from the Pearlsteins.  

Monday, June 25, 2012


"If only I had some grease I could fix some kind of a light," Ma considered.  "We didn't lack for light when I was a girl, before this newfangled kerosene was ever heard of."

"That's so," said Pa.  "These times are too progressive.  Everything has changed too fast.  Railroads and telegraph and kerosene and coal stoves -- they're good things to have but the trouble is, folks get to depend on 'em."  

Laura Ingalls, The Long Winter

I laughed to myself as I read this to the kids at lunch today.  And just a couple weeks ago I was getting nervous because our electricity had been off for a few hours!  I like to imagine life like this, it is such a mystery to me.  I can't imagine some all the things Caroline Ingalls had to do, and in a way I envy her.  I have come home so many times from Walmart claiming, "That's it! I want to live off grid."  My very sweet and might I add very level headed husband just laughs at me because he knows I wouldn't last a few days let a lone a few hours.  For example, Clay asked me once if I wanted to try a camping trip with the kids, I asked, "how much is it to rent a motor home?"  

I can understand why some people want to go off grid.  But for now maybe I will start using my cloths line and wearing an apron while I work.  I am thankful for these sweet stories and the thanksgiving we learn from their perseverance.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Here's to Nine Great Months

Boaz is nine months old today! We are so thankful for him; we can't imagine life without him.  He has so much personality, he will definitely be able to keep up with the other crazies. :) Enjoy the video!    P.S. Ellie is talking to Aunt Abbey and Boaz is sucking on some fruit in that green thing.  For some reason I feel like I need to explain.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Christ the King Dance

Here are some pictures from our church's annual conference!  We kick it off with a fun Ball and dinner.  I like to take pictures of us when we are dressed nicely and going out the door.  These short photo shoots seem to work nicely with little kids that would rather not be in a picture. 



Athanasius is trying to get Ellie to dance again.  He would have danced all night but Ellie was done at this point.  And he only wanted to dance with her! I wish I had grabbed a picture of Clay he was looking quite handsome all dressed up. :)  But such is the life of a photographer.  We are trying to make a point of taking more pictures of us and our kids, not just our kids.  We do not want our kids to look back and say "hey, did I have any parents?"  Sometimes I wish we had a House Elf from Harry Potter.  If we did one of their tasks would be to take family portraits of us!  Do you know the only family picture we have is our church directory picture.  That is sad coming from people who love photography.  

Needless to say our church knows how to have a good time, and for that I am thankful.  To be around cheerful people that love God and life is blessing.   

Did you ask yourself, do Clay and Brooke dance?  No, no we are flakes.  But one day we plan on learning.  When we joined the church I was already expecting Eleanor and it didn't take long before even walking was laborious.  If I walked fast I would get a cramp in my side, ya know that cramp runners get.  Clay would laugh at me.  I love him. :)  Right now we are off to the side supervising the twirling and spinning of preschoolers and let me tell you that can be quite the job.  This is the season we are in and we love it.  We are trying to savor it more because one day when my hands are free and there isn't a heavy baby on my hip, I am going to wish there was. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Happy Birthday

We hosted a birthday party last month for Eleanor and Athanasius; it was so much fun! We started outside playing in the pool and eating lunch.  We did a little face paint, but there was so much going on that some kids weren't that interested.  Quick suggestion: buy face paint and let your kids do it themselves.  They will get very creative and it will keep them busy for awhile.  We broke it back out the other weekend and they had a blast! Anyhow, then we went inside for cake and ice cream.  It was then that I realized our kitchen felt on the smaller side.  It is funny how our house feels just fine when it is just us but then add five extra adults and seven little kids and all of a sudden you are walking side ways everywhere.  



A boy and his cake.  Love this one. 




While Athanasius blew out his candles with super speed Eleanor savored the moment.  There must be something so magical about a birthday cake and candles.  I love the expression of her little friend in the back ground.


Although Clay and I are into photography we are lacking in the documentation area.  There are so many other things I wish we would have gotten pictures of too but at least we have these.  After the cake the kids opened their gifts which took all of 30 seconds.  The older they get the faster they open. :)  Then to keep things moving everyone was exploring the kids room.  While the kids were playing Clay and I were at trying to untangle all the helium balloons that were tied around the deck! We had not realized how windy it was and how tangled they were.  Well, it all worked out.  A friend of ours who is studying to be an engineer thought cutting the strings would be a good idea.  I am amazed how much kids love a balloon.  Already looking forward to next years party!

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Whole Five Months

It is strange to think that Boaz is already five months old, and at the same time he is only five months. He is beautiful. He is flipping over. He is grabbing whatever he can get a hold of. Laughing, he is laughing now.

Blue, blue, blue. Love those eyes. It is funny how when we are pregnant for all those months waiting to see and know our baby; and then when they are finally here we can not picture them looking any other way.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

THE Snow Suit

Does he remind you of the crazy little brother from The Christmas Story?

Monday, January 2, 2012


These are some pictures from this past summer. I love all the green and warmness of this day. The kids were really into homemade capes then, and now they have real capes that my Mom made!
This was our Zinnia bed! It was so fun to pick flowers from it.



I am so thankful for the bleakness of winter because it makes Spring and Summer so much better. Looking at our house, we had our sweet peppers planted on the left side and the tomatoes on the right. We are hoping to do more this coming season. It is fun having a little garden in the city. :)