Friday, June 15, 2012

A Happy Birthday

We hosted a birthday party last month for Eleanor and Athanasius; it was so much fun! We started outside playing in the pool and eating lunch.  We did a little face paint, but there was so much going on that some kids weren't that interested.  Quick suggestion: buy face paint and let your kids do it themselves.  They will get very creative and it will keep them busy for awhile.  We broke it back out the other weekend and they had a blast! Anyhow, then we went inside for cake and ice cream.  It was then that I realized our kitchen felt on the smaller side.  It is funny how our house feels just fine when it is just us but then add five extra adults and seven little kids and all of a sudden you are walking side ways everywhere.  



A boy and his cake.  Love this one. 




While Athanasius blew out his candles with super speed Eleanor savored the moment.  There must be something so magical about a birthday cake and candles.  I love the expression of her little friend in the back ground.


Although Clay and I are into photography we are lacking in the documentation area.  There are so many other things I wish we would have gotten pictures of too but at least we have these.  After the cake the kids opened their gifts which took all of 30 seconds.  The older they get the faster they open. :)  Then to keep things moving everyone was exploring the kids room.  While the kids were playing Clay and I were at trying to untangle all the helium balloons that were tied around the deck! We had not realized how windy it was and how tangled they were.  Well, it all worked out.  A friend of ours who is studying to be an engineer thought cutting the strings would be a good idea.  I am amazed how much kids love a balloon.  Already looking forward to next years party!

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  1. I'm at the library right now, and I am showing Hadassah and Miriam their friend's pictures (that's your blog!), and I KNEW Hadassah would think this particular post was fascinating. She says, "She matches! She has same swimsuit as me!" Yes. That's about as cool as it gets when you're 4. =)