Monday, June 25, 2012


"If only I had some grease I could fix some kind of a light," Ma considered.  "We didn't lack for light when I was a girl, before this newfangled kerosene was ever heard of."

"That's so," said Pa.  "These times are too progressive.  Everything has changed too fast.  Railroads and telegraph and kerosene and coal stoves -- they're good things to have but the trouble is, folks get to depend on 'em."  

Laura Ingalls, The Long Winter

I laughed to myself as I read this to the kids at lunch today.  And just a couple weeks ago I was getting nervous because our electricity had been off for a few hours!  I like to imagine life like this, it is such a mystery to me.  I can't imagine some all the things Caroline Ingalls had to do, and in a way I envy her.  I have come home so many times from Walmart claiming, "That's it! I want to live off grid."  My very sweet and might I add very level headed husband just laughs at me because he knows I wouldn't last a few days let a lone a few hours.  For example, Clay asked me once if I wanted to try a camping trip with the kids, I asked, "how much is it to rent a motor home?"  

I can understand why some people want to go off grid.  But for now maybe I will start using my cloths line and wearing an apron while I work.  I am thankful for these sweet stories and the thanksgiving we learn from their perseverance.  

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  1. That's a great quote, and good thoughts! I feel the same way :) Being off the grid and self-sustaining holds such an appeal for me, but then reality hits and I realize how much I love modern conveniences... So for now it's little baby steps towards a "simpler" life and thanksgiving for all that we have.