Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Christ the King Dance

Here are some pictures from our church's annual conference!  We kick it off with a fun Ball and dinner.  I like to take pictures of us when we are dressed nicely and going out the door.  These short photo shoots seem to work nicely with little kids that would rather not be in a picture. 



Athanasius is trying to get Ellie to dance again.  He would have danced all night but Ellie was done at this point.  And he only wanted to dance with her! I wish I had grabbed a picture of Clay he was looking quite handsome all dressed up. :)  But such is the life of a photographer.  We are trying to make a point of taking more pictures of us and our kids, not just our kids.  We do not want our kids to look back and say "hey, did I have any parents?"  Sometimes I wish we had a House Elf from Harry Potter.  If we did one of their tasks would be to take family portraits of us!  Do you know the only family picture we have is our church directory picture.  That is sad coming from people who love photography.  

Needless to say our church knows how to have a good time, and for that I am thankful.  To be around cheerful people that love God and life is blessing.   

Did you ask yourself, do Clay and Brooke dance?  No, no we are flakes.  But one day we plan on learning.  When we joined the church I was already expecting Eleanor and it didn't take long before even walking was laborious.  If I walked fast I would get a cramp in my side, ya know that cramp runners get.  Clay would laugh at me.  I love him. :)  Right now we are off to the side supervising the twirling and spinning of preschoolers and let me tell you that can be quite the job.  This is the season we are in and we love it.  We are trying to savor it more because one day when my hands are free and there isn't a heavy baby on my hip, I am going to wish there was. 


  1. Brooke you look beautiful! And your babies are so grown up and adorable... I love seeing you guys on the blog :)

  2. Great pictures! And I love your perspective on staying on the sidelines at the dance. It won't be long before our children are all big and in the midst of the dancing.

  3. Brooke, you have bangs!! I love them; so glamorous. I haven't checked your blog in a while, and wow! - your children are growing up!! So much bigger than I thought they'd be. As a mother myself, I should know that children grow like weeds, yet I still am somehow always surprised.