Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Well, it's official...

...There is a brother and sister in the house. This morning Athan was repeatedly tugging on one of Ellie's pigtails and laughing. Ellie was enthralled in the captivating Spot Goes to School, and finally screeched out, Alphie, stop! Being almost 10 months old, he does not know what that means yet.

And Mommy is wondering where has the sunshine gone? :) I think I need like ten more house plants and fresh coats of paint in every room. Honey, are you reading this from work?? :) I know I am going to be the crazy old lady that has the 30 year old fern which is included in her will.
Well, we will persevere with hide and seek inside, dance time after lunch (this is our new favorite dancing song!) Ellie loves it, I just put it on repeat and we dance as long as Mommy can make it! I think Ellie has this incredible, unearthly energy and desire to spin, a lot.

Well, if the sun in shining where you are please send it the Midwest way. Mrs. Pearlstein would really appreciate it! :) Enjoy your day and Christ!

Oh, I almost forgot...have any of you mothers received your baby's birth certificate and they misspelled his name? We did! But I guess that is what get for naming him Athanasius. That problem has been fixed and then I called the SS office to inform them of the change, they never received a request for AthanasiNs....mmmmm...after being on hold for a long time I was told I have to fill out a form, come into the office and present two forms of id for him. Even though the office of health and senior services said I did select to have a SS # for him. And as soon as you mention you had your baby at home no one knows what is going on. What patriotism I had is on the line here. :)


  1. I am reading it at work and I will pick up the fern after work =) I love you and thanks for letting me see my home in these little glimpses while I am away. I love your blog!

  2. Ugh! Dealing with paperwork mumbo jumbo is soo annoying. I feel for you. =( While Hadassah's name was spelled correctly on her birth certificate, she almost was marked down as a boy! Bryan okayed the paper, and we were looking it over again in the hospital room as the nurse was walking down the hallway. All of a sudden, Bryan realized that the Male box had an 'X' in it! He took a picture too so that we have proof. =) Anyway, he ran the nurse down & alerted her before it went 'official'.

    And in the newspaper, where they print records of babies born that week, they announced "Hadassah Joel". in masculine-name Joel. *sigh*

    Also...I don't mean to rub it in, but we're getting lots of sunshine here in MI. =) I actually stopped at a garage sale today!! I bought a 2T top for Hadassah for $1. It's cute. =)

  3. With a title like that I thought you were going to announce that there was going to be another brother or sister. :)

  4. Ha Ha!! Sorry Marisha, that would be a lot more exciting than pigtail pulling and the crazy SS office!