Saturday, March 6, 2010

What Happens when Ellie Babysit's :)

Once upon a time there was a sweet little girl and a determined baby boy. They were brother and sister and they loved each other very much. This one day Momma was finishing some baking and asked little girl to baby sit for a minute. Two toys were put on the rug and there they should have stayed contentedly and happily playing.
Momma put the cookies in the oven, looked to check on her babies and this is what she found. Only the two toys...where could they be? :)


Determined baby boy started crawling to one of his favorite places, the tent in big sister's room. A couple pillows and blankets made for a fun place to hang out. Big sister knows she is not suppose to carry baby brother so she followed him, to protect him of course.



Momma found them laughing and hugging. Big sister did turn out to be a good babysitter even though baby brother changed plans on her. And Momma took pictures to remember this special memory and undeserving she is to be Momma to these two joyful, beautiful, and mischievous littles.


"It was his idea Momma." :)


  1. Darling little pumpkins!!!!!!!!!! This was the neatest story and the pictures made it perfect. :) Loved this - thanks, Brooke!

    Cathy Groves

  2. Forgot to say - his teeth are really coming in! What a big boy!

    And also, that this post made me look forward to the day when there are even more Pearlstein children in the house, Lord willing. I mean, these two are so cute, how great would it be to see more little smiles? :)


  3. Hi Brooke,
    I always look forward to reading about Life in the Little Yellow House, It makes my day. I pray for God's continued blessings on your family. Mike Webb

  4. wow! Thanks Mike, I want to post more often but sometimes it is hard to make the time. It is a neat way to communicate and stay in touch. Take care! love, Brooke

    And thank you Mrs. Groves for your sweet comments. Yes, more littles in the Pearlstein home would be wonderful! :)

  5. Brookie,

    They are so sweet! I love the pictures of them playing in the tent. I can just imagine the joy finding the two of them in the tent having a wonderful time together. Oh how I miss them. And you! I am praying for you! Hope you have a great day!