Friday, March 5, 2010

Ellie Speaks~

Eleanor has been saying some beautiful and lovely things lately...

~I asked Eleanor if she wanted to be a Mommy and get married someday. "Yes! I do! And I want to be a totagrapher!" (A "photographer" you get the idea) Most evenings her and Clay will look through his photography books and just talk about them. She loves them! Even though I am a little unsure when there is a picture of a Polar bear ripping the insides out of a penguin and Ellie ask, "where is his head?" We just tell her, that God made some animals to eat other animals and that is how they survive?? She seems to accept that.

~Clay also asked Ellie the other day if she wanted to get married. Her reply melted me! "Yes! I want to marry you Daddy." :)

~When I put Ellie to bed I will ask things like, "What did you like about the day, or what was your favorite part?" or "What are you thankful for?" She is almost three so sometimes I have to help her along. But we are trying to nuture grateful and joyful hearts, we want our children at a young age to think about and acknowledge these things in their lives. Well, one night I was telling her all kinds of things that I love about her --- why? Because I want her to know! I asked, "Do you know that Mommy loves you?" Her reply, "Yeh, because God gave me to you. And you to me! God gave Daddy to me, and Papa, and Uncle Matthew and Nana. Nana is your Mommy and my Grandma, right?" What a sweetie!

~Just this morning when I was preparing breakfast, with my little helper by my side (more like life commentator of the Pearlstein's!) she asked, " Mommy, were you a pirate when you were a little kid?" "No (where did this come from??) But I was a ballerina." (Ellie loves ballerinas) "Yeh, I was a ballerina too when I was a little kid!" What a nut we have!

Have a joyful day with your kiddos --- fight for the joy!

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