Friday, February 26, 2010

Go Clay!!

I have to brag on Clay for a second and share something that encouraged both of us. After the kiddos were in bed last night Clay came downstairs, I could tell he was excited. I thought maybe he just figured some new trick out on photo shop, he tell's me these things quite often. He said, "Chris Orwig has commented on one of my images on Flickr!" (He is the author of this book!!!) Isn't that neat!! Here is the flickr page to prove it to ya. His comment is closer to the bottom, scroll down some. I am so proud of Clay, he is constantly studying and reading about photo shop and photography along with being a faithful husband and Daddy, and third grade teacher. Great job Babe, I am your biggest fan.


  1. Nice picture. Congrats on the flickr notice.

  2. Thank you ! I could not have a better fan.

  3. This is Marisha:

    I understand the "proud" feeling Brooke. I LOVE it when another great musician tells Steve how great he thinks his music is! Our husbands are talented and deserve the praise :)

  4. Your readers out here are going to have to beg the professional photographer in your house for even more family pictures, because I love to see what you and the kids are doing at home, too. :) Always enjoy checking in with the Pearlstein family!

    Cathy Groves