Thursday, February 4, 2010


These are mixture of random thoughts, ideas, and conversations :)

~ This morning Ellie was watching the trash guy get our trash and told me she thought he should put the lids back on our trash cans. ( can you say OCD? Or can you say just like Mommy? )

~ Athan only has three teeth and is already grinding them.

~A pizza slicer works really well for making food more toddler friendly. Don't mess around with a knife anymore, try your pizza slicer.

~A plastic bottle with something small inside makes for a really fun baby toy. Put the lid on well. :)

~I'm learning that laughing and tickling helps Ellie in the obedience area. :) The more time I spend with her, playing, reading, or whatever she try's so hard to be obedient.

~Mommy should drink more water.

~Every time I look at my five gallon bucket of coconut oil I feel happy inside. Down with vegetable oil!

~And Natalie, I want to buy chalkboard paint too.

I know, random, and ridiculous.:)


  1. What I do to cut up food is to just stick whatever I'm serving Hadassah in a bowl & chop it up with my kitchen shears (or kitchen scissors, depending on who you talk to). =) But get this: She now prefers to have her food whole. Meaning that she wants to bite into a roll, instead of me giving her pieces. I definitely still chop up her spaghetti noodles, or else it would be way too messy!

    So may I ask why you prefer coconut oil? I've heard that the health benefits are far superior (Bryan just received the Nourishing Traditions cookbook from his coworkers!), but I'm interested in your personal opinion.

  2. That is funny about Hadassah and her food. :) I first started using coconut oil for the simple reason: more mature, health conscious ladies at our church, that I respect, started using it! So I was like, I need to do this. :) If you just google "health benefits of coconut oil" a lot of good info should come up. Real quick, it is good for your digestion, immune system, blood pressure, weight loss, cholesterol levels. The list truly goes on.
    When we first started using it I deep fried some homemade french fries, which I never did before, always baked. I really wanted to test this stuff out! Sure enough we loved them. What we enjoyed most about them was how we felt after we ate them, not bloated and gross like we would have if I fried them in vegetable oil. Another good thing about coconut oil is it can handle high temperature, like with the fries. If I had fried them in olive oil they would have tasted strange because olive oil can not handle that high heat. There is a term for this but I can not remember it. :)
    Baking? I have made several batches of cookie with it and loved them. Sometimes we will eat the cookies for breakfast because they have half wheat flour, coconut oil, and oats! :) Yummy and I feel they are better than a donut or store cereal. Just something different.
    If you want to try some before you invest in a 5 gal. bucket look for it at Walmart. It is between 5-6 dollars here. If you do, let me know what you think! :)

  3. I love random posts. :) So---were did you get your coconut oil? I haven't found any great places down here to get it in bulk and wondered if there's a place up in MO that I should order from next time we're up there. Do you like the quality/taste/price?

    Miss ya'll!