Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Have I been up too in the Little Yellow House?

Well, for starter's I apologize that this blog has sunk down in to the abandoned, uninterested vastness of the blog world ocean. But please, oh please do not give up on it. :) I have several ideas for new posts. But have had my hands full.

The kiddos got sick, again. Their third cold for the season. I am not sure why they have been so sick, but my husband tells me that it has been a rough season for his students as well. So I am not alone. I sure have learned a lot about natural ways to help with a cold. And on the bright side they handled and kicked this cold away much faster than the first two. And Mommy started treating it quicker too. :)

Also, we had a house guest! Clay's Dad came to visit for a week. He stayed with Clay's brother for a couple days, but the others with us. It was a fun visit. The kids loved him! Ellie was sad to see him leave. But, like any company it is just plain hard work. :) It does make me clean things that otherwise would continue to be put off.

I have been sewing, sewing, and sewing! I have made several things lately, nothing too big, just some small projects. One reason I have been sewing so much is because I created a "sewing area" (future post...) in our bedroom! I love it. And because I am ready to go at any time (really just nap time and an evening here and there) I get much more accomplished. Because I think I could craft and sew all day long it is a good thing I have two adorable, smiling kiddos to care and shepherd. Because really, what profit would that be? Sewing and crafting ALL day? Instead it is only a small part of the day and the rest is soul work! Soul work: loving, teaching, playing, and shepherding our kids in Christ. What a better way to spend the majority of my time.

I have also been busy organizing our home. This, I am learning, is a constant must. So, the days I feel I can I will try to organize a drawer or a cabinet. Not too much at a time because I do not have a big chunk of time to do it. You might be thinking, "you could do it during the kids afternoon nap" And I say "No" --- Because I am up in sewland. :) Ok, back to organizing. Yesterday I made a "Craft Drawer" there was this one drawer in our kitchen full of junk...tea lights, high lighters, my checks, and the lists goes on. Anyhow I found the homes all that stuff belonged in and then I put some of Ellie's craft things in. Now, for fast and easy access, it contains her pencil box with markers and crayons, water paints, and paper! I love it, it is great having it there and NOT on the counter. I am a minimalists when it comes to things on the counter. I also reorganized our closet! I do this quite often. There are two reasons: I usually wear the tenth outfit I try on, but do not hang the discarded clothes back up, and the second reason is my husband appreciates it. He has never once asked me to clean it, or even complained about how bad it gets. But, he ALWAYS raves about it when I do organize it. Things like..."Wow! this looks great!" or " I can get to this section again". I know, poor thing. Getting to his sock drawer should not be as special as it is!

I have also been busy day dreaming/planning all the things I want to do outside in the spring! Yes, I am ready for Spring. Today the sun shined, I cannot tell you the last day it shined before this. I have our whole garden planned out, and several other ideas. I haven't told Clay about those yet. :)

Anyhow, the last couple of weeks have felt a little busy. But I promise, guarantee (of pigtails and dinosaur info commercial...) that there will be interesting and fun posts soon to come! And with that have a peaceful and restful evening with your family.


  1. I'm so glad you posted! I kept checking and hoping for a post. :)

    "soul work"--what a wonderful description of motherhood!

  2. I am SO looking forward to seeing what your sewing area looks like! Bryan made the decision to get rid of our t.v. (which has really been good for all of us I think!), and he told me I can turn that corner of our living room into my new "sewing/crafting corner". Needless to say, I am ecstatic! My goal is to get it set up before this next baby comes, because after then I am sure I won't be able to squeeze any time out of my day. =) Be sure to explain why you decided to put certain things where - it will help me as I figure out how to set my little area up!