Saturday, February 20, 2010

Athan is Growing...And one of our dinners. :)

This is his favorite place, the basket where the dvd player and remotes stay.

He achieved his goal. We are trying to teach him "no touch" when it comes to this basket and the remotes. But...for the sake of a cute picture and history I wanted the picture! He is so cute!

I really enjoy it when others blog about recipes, food, and their family menu. So here is one of our meals. It is a simple one, but healthy and delicious. It is an open face sandwich, hamburger on a slice of my homemade wheat bread, topped with onions and sweet peppers. I ate my burger with salsa and Clay enjoyed his with bbq sauce, and Ellie, beloved ketchup. On the side we have rice with butter and two peeled navel oranges in the bowl. We eat a lot of fruit. My husband loves fruit, I think I have eaten more fruit in the past 3 1/2 years we have been married than ever before. A lot of times I will cut up some apples and an orange, pineapple, grapes, or whatever I have and put the cutting board on the table. Not only can everyone get their fill but it looks lovely as well. We really liked the onions and sweet peppers on top the hamburgers. I doubt this meal cost over $3. Navel oranges are $.99 for a four pound bag.

On a side note, Clay and I watched "Julie and Julia" last night. Some friends from church recommended it. To tell you in one sentence, it is about Julia Child and the beauty and blessing of food. We loved it! It was a very well told story, fun and creative, and inspiring. It will make you want to wear some pearls, a pretty apron and cook, cook, cook! :) I really loved it because I remember as a little girl watching her on Saturdays on PBS. Tonight, go to Red Box and rent it. :)

Enjoy your night and Lord's Day tomorrow!

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  1. Oh, those sweet little eyes! He is such a cute little guy. It is worth eating a remote every now and then for pictures like that. :)

    Good blog, Brooke!

    Cathy Groves