Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quick Frugal Idea~

Here is a frugal idea when it comes to books. We enjoy books but sometimes they do not always fit into the budget. (Why? Because Mama wants a mini van :) Instead of buying books lately, my smart husband requests our public library system to purchase them. They have done this three times! And guess what? If you are the one to request it you are first on the list. My husband just checked this book out that he requested. And I am reading this book. My book is not that expensive but still it adds up. :)

Also, my husband got us each our own library cards so when we get a great book like this that probably will rack up the holds he immediately checks it out on the other account. It might seem a little sneaky but I'm glad I know have six weeks with it.


  1. Can you do these requests for the library to buy a book on-line? I mean, is the request form for them to purchase available on-line? I use the library site a lot to request books through inter-library loan, but didn't know about requests that they purchase certain books. Thanks for the heads up, Brooke. :)

    Cathy Groves

  2. You know Cathy I am not sure about that, Clay does all the library stuff. I will ask and email you!