Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Keep Pressing On

 Alphabet bean bags for Athanasius' Nativity present.  Talk about the project of wanting to give up! I started before Thanksgiving but they are done. 

 The boys were watching the S.t John Maximovitch documentary.  The kids love this documentary.  Clay and I do too, it brings some peace to your soul.   Clay and I were sitting in the stove room when I saw them on the table together, I grabbed the camera I want to remember this.

 I am trying to squeeze out time from my days and start an etsy shop.  This is a little girls purse I made, it is called the "Going on a Bear Hunt" purse. :)  

 Here are some earrings I made this weekend.   I wonder, can I do this?  Will anyone buy my stuff? Can I really keep up with this? 

Maybe it is just winter and the fact that I keep thinking about planting a garden, but I feel a little "eh".  Just keep moving forward I tell myself.  I think this is how you might feel if you were half way done building a house, tired and wanting to give up.  Of course we aren't building a house but Clay is in school.  He still has a year and a half left.  I'm a little tired.  But I know we can't quit.  I know this will bless our family down the road. But it is hard.   I keep telling myself what our Priest says so often, "Jesus loves you and is mindful of you."  Because when I say those words the weight of the world isn't quite so heavy and it's puts things in perspective.  It will all be okay. 

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