Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Bed

 Playing our new game, Enchanted Forest, for the first time.  Thank you Grandpa Max, we love it!

 This is the stuffed Russian Doll I made for Felicity. 

 Baby doll sling from Nana and Papa!

 This is Ellie Russian Doll!

 Ellie spelled "I love Mom."  She blesses me so much!

 Scary part in Pete's Dragon.  :)

 This is called being a boy!


 My Dad and Clay getting a lot done today. 

 Boaz is unwell, so it was a movie day.

 Watching Lone Ranger with his gun.

 This is the bed my Dad made for Athanasius.  This I got a free day bed and mattress for free off of craigslist.  I check the free section several times a day.  The mattress is nice but the more we looked at the bed frame is wasn't that strong.  Dad took the black metal part (it looks like a rectangular trampoline) and then added some 2x4 legs.  I LOVE all the storage under neath.  We got 14in. from the floor to the bottom of the bed. 

 Dad and Ellie found this little table at a junk store today! What a blessing!  Good things seem to gravitate to my Dad in flea markets. :)

She has already being creating in her new space.   Thank you so much Papa!!  

I am really thankful for my Dad visiting this weekend, both Clay and I are on the verge of being overwhelmed.  He officially starts nursing school on Monday, our finances and paper thin and it just seems like a lot is on our shoulders.  I hope we can do this.  We need to have more faith. 

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