Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pink Pink Pink

I love this picture so much!  I love my girls.  Down the road I can picture us ditching the guys, heading to Panera and having a shopping day together.  I am so thankful for the four lives God has given us.  Clay and I could not have picked these kids personalities and temperaments if we had tried. 

Pink! All three of us are wearing pink, not planned mind you. 

Last week was a hard one for me.  Clay was about to officially start OTC's nursing program and I was worried sick about it.  I'm not sure why exactly, he has already done three semesters of pre recs so I knew what was coming, homework at night and a very focused mentality.  But now that he has started I feel much better.  We are in the game and we are hunkered down! :)  I also think it might have been the weather.  Does anyone else with small kids at home feel a little stir crazy?  I looked up the first day of Spring, March 20!!  Farther off than I thought.  The kids really are troopers, but ALL DAY inside is wearing on me.  Today it was nice enough that they all went out for a bit and that was so nice.  Not just for me but for them too. 

With all this cabin fever and the season of life we are in my daily goals are: 

Be Kind
Be Love
Be Peace
Be Steady
Be Hopeful
Play with kids
(The kids nap time is party time!!! Well, if you consider coffee and toast, crochet, blog reading, and resting a party, I do.)  

Pretty cut and dry. :)  When I focus on these things our days flow more smoothly.   Winter doesn't last forever, and neither will my husband's schooling. 

Photo Credit to my Dear Sweet Husband, thank you!

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  1. I feel like our kids are starting to jump from tables and swing from the fans! Haha...okay, its not that bad, but we are looking forward to warmer days when we can go outside a while! Praying your goals are accomplished this week!!