Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

If you have small children that wake up early, what do you do with them?  I turn on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood on youtube and give them breakfast.  That way I can make our bed and get dressed.  Getting dressed is really important to me, staying in my pj's doesn't work for me.  I don't know why because it seems so cozy but I feel messy and grumpy. 

Today they are eating homemade granola bars.  It is a new recipe and seems like a hit.  I try to have something baked that is easy to grab and still filling.  Felicity is eating a graham cracker, the bars were a bit too crunchy, although, Athanasius did give her a bite. : )

One day I want to get out of this habit of plopping them in front of the laptop, but for now I will be at peace with it and spend my mental energy somewhere else. 

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