Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Turning One

 Felicity Perpetua turned one on February 1.  Has it really been a whole year since she was born?  I can remember the day so vividly.  She arrived a few weeks early weighing in at 6lbs. 10oz.  Our smallest baby, she looked like a shrimp compared to her 8lb. siblings!  As sweet and still as the new born days are I really like the stage she is in now.  She is crawling, well, sort of, it resembles something between a fish and a seal sliding around on their tummy.  :)  Athanasius army crawled until he was 17 months old so I am not too worried about her.  Our kids are weird.

It has been a rough year for our family but when I look at Felicity I see God's love to us.  He knew we needed her.  She has been our worse, WORSE, sleeper.  But, at the same time a very happy smiley baby.  She loves to go outside and be pulled in the wagon.  She loves yogurt and anything sweet and carby.  She loves water and taking baths.  She has no fear!  She is starting to notice when the kids are eating something different and lets us know about it.  :)   She loves her crib.  When it is time for sleep she is so happy to be laid in her bed, she grabs her favorite blanket and starts to chew on it.  A little gross, I have to wash it often.  But that is how she rolls.  It is amazing how little young people are born with their own unique preferences.  She is our baby but we are still getting to know the beautiful person inside her.

I want so many things for our children but more than anything I want them to feel loved and accept by Clay and I.  I want them to know, really know, that God loves them and will never leave them.  I want them to be themselves, to be the person God created, not someone they "feel" they have to be for the world.  And I want them to be at peace with themselves.

First birthdays are happy and sad.  To me they are the beginning, the beginning of birthdays and the beginning of the end of babyhood.  We love you Felicity and are so happy our God gave you to us!  Many Years my sweet girl.  You are our sunshine.  

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