Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Doing Better

 This is a Valentine Day Wreath I made.  Please do not think I am super productive, I'm sure there was something else I should have been doing...but right now crochet helps stay sane.

 Eleanor took this picture!  We were sitting on the couch and she popped up and asked, "can I take a picture of the sunset?"  I replied, "Of course!"

 I gave the kids wonderful bone broth for their morning snack one morning and this is what Boaz thought of it.  He looks thrilled doesn't he?

 One day was a pizza kind of day.

 There is a child hiding under those pillows.

 This was Felicity after enjoying her birthday cake.  Yelling at me to get her.

 I made a hat for Felicity that I love and she hates.  See.

 I put it back on to see how long it would last.

 Her wonderful big brother distracted her a bit.

 Then she started up again...

 This one is my favorite!

I imagine her saying something like, "You see Mom, this was my plan all along."

Lately I have been thinking about goals and I am not really a goal setter.  I have general, worthy goals that are more spiritual and emotional but nothing I write down.  And I wonder if I should?  Or if society puts too much focus on this?  Who knows.  But I do know there are a few things I want to learn and accomplish this year...

I really, REALLY, want to learn how to make soap.  I found an excellent tutorial on youtube for making olive oil soap.  I just need a few more supplies and then I can try our first batch!

I want to plant another small garden this year.  But unlike previous years I want to take better care of it and find more ways to use the produce.

I want to find ways to spend more one on one time with the kids.  This one is hard for me.  I am with them all day but finding alone time with them is difficult.  I will have to pray about it and plan for it, and also just hope the opportunities arise.

I want to try new recipes.  I feel like I am in a rut and I hate it!  No one else seems to mind but I want something new that doesn't use many brain cells.

Probably the biggest thing I want to do this year is just be at peace with myself and with where we are at right now as a family.  I didn't do a good job of that this this past year.  There were physical factors that went into that like a low thyroid and adrenal burnout.  But, since we have been working on those with a physician I feel better equipped to start this path of peace.  I actually do not feel discontent with my lot, in fact I wouldn't change it.  It is more like being unhappy and too hard on myself and having too high of expectations.  I just need to slow my heart and breath, and know that Jesus loves me right where I am.  I also need to try a little bit harder everyday to follow Him.  I think these small baby steps will get me farther than I think in the end. 

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