Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Weather Outside is Frightful

 Snow means warm snacks are in order.

 The kids have been doing of this, getting layered up to survive in the elements.

 I love these pictures and these kids!

 For some reason Boaz was surprised when I said he could not keep his icicle.

 Do you see the sock on FiFi's right hand?  She cut the tip of her finger on a club soda can and kept ripping the band aid off so I sewed a sock to her sleeve.  

 Pig tails!

 Somehow I have had four children and this is the first time I have given a baby a bath in the kitchen sink.  She loved it!

 Playing PBS games while we wait for Daddy to get home.

 This is how I found the chickens this morning.  They got up there but did not want to get down, or didn't think that could.

 He braved the snow for groceries. 

 Eleanor actually took this picture!  We love it!!

 We commissioned Ellie to take a pic of us, she did a great job!

 Afterwards Clay wanted to take a couple more pics with his D7000 and Ellie got these of Felicity watching me outside, not with her where I should have been.  She is so cute when she's mad!

Our days are filled with playing outside, playing inside, baking, home schooling, building tents, or their new favorite playing "boat" on the colorful floor mat.  We are in Great Lent and it is always a little challenging preparing things for us and then something for Clayton.  And this year Clay and I are trying not to watch movies or shows at night.  Man!  This is a hard one for me.  It is nice to relax together and I really look forward to it after a long day but I know it is good for us.  I'm trying not to think how many days we have left. :)   Here's to trying to be a little bit better and loving God and others a little bit more!

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