Thursday, March 12, 2015

More Good Reads

I have found three more books I want to add to the list, the list of good reads for kids.  To me there is something so magical about a children's book. 

Nora's Chicks has made it to my "favorites" list!  I love this story so much.  The story is simple and beautiful.  If you love chickens you will love this book. 

Who can resist a Jan Brett story?  This one was a new one to our family!  Her illustrations are amazing, we love all her details.  I think this book is a good example to our kids that most of the time animals are better off in their natural homes.  

I guess we are on a Patricia MacLachlan kick because we are also watching Sarah Plain and Tall!  I really got this book for Eleanor but I ended up reading it, and loved it!  It was just what I needed. Sometimes, you just need to read a kids book.  I have been reading Pillars of the Earth and hate.  I am over 400 pages in and do not know why I keep reading it.  Something must be wrong with me because I know it is a very popular book and loved by many.  Oh well...back to Fly Away.  If you need a little inspiration read this one.  To me it is about embracing who you are, being brave when it is hard, and being thankful for the life God has given you.  

Things in the Pearlstein household have been busy busy.  We have added more subjects to homeschool, which I think is great.  I am still using Rod and Staff and love it.  The main reason I use it is it is very affordable, and thorough.  I have two, TWO, batches of olive oil soap made!  I was able to gather the last of my supplies.  It is my new love.  The first batch is scented with orange blossom essential oil and the second with lemon.  So I have forty bars of soap, and I want to make more.  I need to start giving it away.  I found a you tube video to learn how to do it, very easy.  Felicity is blossoming into a sweet and spicy little chick!  She has a crazy smile with crazy little teeth that are as sharp a knives.  How do we know this?  Because she has become a little biter.  She is cuddly, when she wants to be.  She loves reading and being outside.  When she sees our chickens she starts making baby gorilla like noises and pointing.  We can not imagine life without her.  Eleanor, Athanasius, and Boaz are growing like weeds. I noticed the other day that Boaz does not have that pudgey toddler look anymore, but is taller and thinner now.  It is happening, he is turning into a big boy.  All three of them love to play outside.  Although, since all the snow melted the back yard has been pretty muddy.  It makes me feel a little depressed!  I swept and mopped our mudroom and told Clay, "I'm not sure why I did that, it will only stay that way for a few minutes."  Ah, such is life.  I forget that work is a cycle just like everything else, I think I will finally achieve a clean home and then by some great surprise it is all dirty again.  I am never done and I need to be okay with that.   

Do you ever listen to your kids and secretly love their interaction (when they are not arguing of course...) ?  The other day Eleanor and Athanasius were getting geared up to play outside, Athanasius was all ready and waiting in the cold mud room, Eleanor was getting ready in the kitchen, I was doing dishes.  Athanasius kept hollering for Ellie to come on...I finally turned around and said, "Ellie you better hurry, your husband is waiting for you!"  She loved it, she started cracking up!  They are seriously like a little old married couple sometimes...they drive each other crazy but still love each other to the end.  A few weeks ago Ellie was feeling a little out of sorts and was spending the day on the couch.  Athanasius was having a hard time finding anything to do, I suggested he go outside (which he loves) but he didn't want too.  I realized later it was because his partner was out sick and he did not want to be by himself!  Poor guy!

Boaz is working himself into be a part of the "big kids" it is funny that even in a homeschool family their can be little cliches, personalities that just naturally gravitate together.  So Clay and I are working with Eleanor and Athanasius to include Boaz more, they are doing a great job but sometimes Bo does just want to do his own thing.  It doesn't matter where we go that boy (Boaz) can find a stick anywhere!  He also remembers exactly what it looks like so if I try to replace it with another he knows the difference.  Who needs toys right?  :) 

This is Clay's Spring break and it feels nice to breath a little.  Things will start up next week full force and his clinicals start as well.  I know God will give us the strength we need, He has done it before and continues too, the problem is I usually forget His goodness and love and that is when I grow weary.  This is the life God has given me, this is the life God has given you, and it is a good one.  Not without suffering and hardships but in the midst of those we find Him.  

Oh, I am also reading "In My Father's House" by Corrie Ten Boom with Carole C. Carlson.  I love it so much!!  If you need encouragement or just a little reminding that God loves His people pick up this book.  I actually found this copy at the library.   I couldn't wrap up with out mentioning this book.
Happy Reading and God bless!

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  1. I love reading your blogs, they are so insightful. Just as I told Clay that he is a remarkable husband and father, I believe you are a great wife and mother. Your kids are very lucky to have the both of you.
    You introduced me to tiny houses. I love seeing them, watching shows about them, etc. Since I
    moved from a house to an apartment I love seeing all the ideas for storage.