Thursday, March 26, 2015

Good Reads

Our card reader is broken so I can not upload any new pictures.  A sweet neighbor loaned us his but we had it for so long that I returned it even though I have not bought another one.  And of course I forget to order one when I make an Amazon order.  I sit there before I finish an order thinking, "I know there is something we really need..." and I totally can not remember so then I buy something like a kids book, because that is a need too, to get free shipping.

So, here are a few more good reads I thought I would share!

My husband reminded me of this one and I am so glad!  I was thinking of things to put on hold for the kids and Clay said, "what about that pioneer quilt book?"  I knew exactly which one he was talking about and remembered how much we loved it but I could not remember the title.  So I google imaged something like, "pioneer quilt kids book"  and sure enough there it was.  It is about a family traveling to Oregon and along the way the little girl collects pieces of fabric in hopes to make a quilt.  Each piece is special and beautiful.  One piece is from her fathers shirt that got torn from top to bottom during a river crossing accident.  I love this book because I love anything "pioneerish"  and I love the attitude of the family, hopeful and thankful.

When we read this one the kids decided they needed to go fishing with Papa.  I'm sure they will one day, what it will look like I have no idea.  :)  You will have to read to find out who actually is Granddad's fishing buddy!  

This is one we just got in the mail and we love it!  The husband and wife team, Alice and Martin Provensen,  go through each month and give a detailed account of the happenings and changes on a farm.  The pictures are hilarious and unique.  The kids enjoyed reading their birthday month!  

This one is a small chapter book.  If you read it aloud it would not take too long, which is nice sometimes.  This is one that interesting to both girls and boys.  It is about a group of siblings that are traveling to America in search of their father, who left many months earlier to prepare the way.  Their mother dies unexpectedly and they were left working as servants for a horrible mistress.  A kind doctor, and friend, decides he will go to be a doctor in America and makes it possible for the children to go with him.  Their is adventure and tragedy along the way, but they make it and just in time.  This one would also be good for a child that is a comfortable reader but would like to try a chapter book.  

When we first started reading this one I was not sure what I thought, but then as we continued I really liked it, and did the kids.  It is about a mother and her children that have no where to live and find their to a bridge.  But, this bridge already had an "owner", a grumpy, selfish, old man who wants nothing to do with them.  Over time he is won over by the children and finds that life does have value and that value is in serving others. The ending is wonderful.  This one is also a short and quick read. 

What are you reading these days?  I would love to know!

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