Saturday, March 14, 2015


I wish you could smell and touch the soap because these pictures do not do it justice.  I found a youtube video, gathered my supplies, and made soap.  It is so simple, and rewarding!  The first batch I made is scented with orange blossom essential oil and the send with lemon.  So far I only have one mold, the red one in the above picture.  It makes twelve, perfectly shaped bars.  But you can also line a box with a trash bag and then cut the bars when they are hard, which I also did.  You can see, three pictures up, that the cut soap is bigger pieces and then two pictures up is the soap from the mold.

I am out of lye! Or else I would probably be making more.  I want to save up and buy some molds, there are really pretty ones on amazon.  Ellie and I really like the flower molds.

Have you been wanting to learn something new?  You should do it, it really blesses our souls.  I also think it shows our kids that if they take the time and energy they can learn anything.  I am really thankful for this new hobby. 

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