Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year

 Clay delivers bread to the health food stores in town.  This coconut was taken off the shelf and passed on to Clay.  When he scares me, like he is with that knife, I start taking pictures and that calms my soul.  :)

 About to pour the coconut water.

 Here is a real life picture of my kids watching The Magic School Bus FIRST thing in the morning.  This is not my ideal scenario but they wake up early and I like to be dressed and ready for my day so this is how I achieve that.   And I'm tired of fretting over it.  :)  This is just a season.

 Our little man who loves accessories.  He is getting geared up for the day, watch on the arm.

 Athanasius is learning to read, and is doing a great job!

 See that little yellow sticking out from Bo's sweater?  That is his K Nex sword, ready to grab at a moment's notice.

 Homemade play dough from Nana!

 I have always wanted to open an etsy shop so I made a couple little girl purses and then got self conscious and gave one to Ellie.

 This picture makes me laugh!  I look like I am in pain.  When Clay saw this he said, "You really can't take a selfie."  If you need a good laugh just look at my selfies.   Felicity looks just thrilled.

 These are some before pictures of me cleaning out our closet.  Our room doesn't normally look like this but it does when hurricane Brooke blows through.  I think it is a combination of watching Tiny House Nation and the new year, I really want to get rid of stuff.  Seriously?  How do I have this much stuff??  For those of you with little kids, I do not normally take on a project like when I am by myself with the kids.  But for some miracle I already had dinner made, the kids were getting along really well AND it was movie time.  So it just felt "right" to clean it out yesterday.  In the past I have done this knowing it wasn't "right" and regretted the decision later.  But this time it went smoothly and I am very thankful.  A project like this takes a lot of brain power for me, and usually is best when tackled alone.

 I posted these real life pictures so you could feel better about yours! :)

 This is what I got rid of.  The picture doesn't do it justice, these bags are pretty large in real life.

 Homemade bean bag, or storage if you are in a tiny home.

 These are the AFTER pictures!

 Felicity still sleeps in our room.  Her crib is a mini crib, 24x36in.  It works great for us right now.  The crib is in front of the bathroom door.  There is another door to the bathroom by the kitchen and staircase.  That other door that the rocking chair is in front of is the closet under the stairs.  It only has a couple radiator heaters.  I purposely have not filled it up with junk because in the past I have sat in there with the kids during some potential tornadoes. 

 Her clothes are in those containers.

 My goal was to get the pink dresser completely empty, I didn't achieve that this time.  But maybe next time!

 Our closet isn't huge but it does have some nice shelving above the hanging rod.

 This is a shoe organizer but I use it to hang scarves and store Clay's t shirts.  I just roll them up and put them where a shoe would go.

I wanted our closet to be more bare bones than it ended up being.  But I made some progress and that is what matters.  Just another baby step on the path I want to be on.  Now I feel like I can think and breath when I open our closet. 

Here's to another year of fighting the good fight and working out my salvation with fear and trembling.  The past two years have probably been the most difficult we have experienced as a family but there has been so much good that has from it.  Soul goodness.  Things we never would have learned without the tears. 

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