Monday, December 29, 2014


 The big kids were outside playing, Felicity was taking a nap and I had just finished a couple little chores when I found Boaz drawing at the art table.  I love it when I can spend some alone time with one of the kids.  He is just starting to draw actual pictures.  I think it must be hard to be three sometimes.  I can see he wants to be more independent and "big" but then there are times when the fussy toddler comes out of him or when he needs more love and attention.  I am so thankful for this boy and all the smiles and hugs he gives me. 

 Boaz said this is Daddy with a mustache. 

 He is a lefty.  All the boys in this family are lefties.  Is that odd that 3 out of six family members are left handed? 

 Boaz said this is me, but with out a mustache.  I'm so glad he left off that detail.

 Oh that smile.
This last picture is Clayton when he was young.  I love it.  He definitely has some strong genes.  :)

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