Friday, December 19, 2014

Potty Training is Favorite

No, potty training is not my favorite.  I had very little motivation to potty train Boaz.  I'm not sure why because changing an almost three and a half year olds diaper is not very pleasant.  I would forget to take him and he never really initiated it.  I would go strong for a couple days and then quit.  If Clay was home all day he would have had Bo trained.  Because my husband is just awesome like that.  So needless to say things weren't going that great.  Until, we got him his own little potty!  We had a seat that went on the big toilet but I could tell he did not feel at peace on it.  If you have a little someone having a hard time this is the best $13 you will ever spend!  He loves it.  He goes on it all day long with out me reminding him.  Athanasius is his moral support.  For some reason he likes it when Athanasius sits with him.  I guess it's a brother thing.

Sorry but the next sentence will contain the word "poopy".  So stop now if bathroom humor grosses you out.  This is a conversation that took place today.

[Boaz sitting on the little potty.]

Me: "Are you trying to go poopy?'

Boaz: "Yea, it's loading."

Me: "Loading?"

Boaz: "Yea."

[Me leaving the bathroom to laugh hysterically.]

Here is a link to the potty we purchased.  When you find a really great product do you ever want to buy one for everyone you know? That's how I feel with this frog potty. 

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  1. That is pretty cute....concept webbing toddler style,,,Can you be a smart arse at 3 because that was pretty clever.