Monday, December 15, 2014

House Tour Part ll

Here are the pictures of the upstairs, where are kids sleep.  Our upstairs is fun and different, but also difficult to make work at times.  We bought our home six years ago and I feel like I finally have it in decent order up there!  When we bought our home there was ugly grey carpet upstairs and the walls were this camel, desert theme color.  So I really wanted to brighten it up.  When Athanasius was a baby we ripped up the carpet and my Dad helped Clay sand the floors and paint them with hearty porch paint.  It made a huge difference!  It has been a little over four years and I think the floors have held up well considering how much wear and tear they get but they definitely need a pick me up.  And when Clay is done with nursing school I plan on doing that, or I plan on my Dad and Clay doing that. :)  They make my dreams come true!  There are other things that need accomplishing as well like redoing to ceilings, trim along the floor and repainting the walls.  BUT, that is okay.  I am slowly learning life is a process and not everything has to be accomplished right now.

Do you have things you would change about your present home?  I do.  One thing.  It is not even that we have just one bathroom.  That is not a big deal to me right now.  Sure, it can be challenging at times but there are worse things.  Worse things like our stairs!!! These crazy little, steep stairs are really the only thing I would change about our home.  Everyday I pray our kids will not fall down them and everyday I yell out at some point, "GO SLOW!!!" That will be one of our kids memories.  "Remember how crazy Mom was about those stairs!"  Poor Boaz, I do not let him walk up and down them by himself yet.  I escort him.  The child trips over his own feet walking on level ground, these stairs will be the end of him, or me and my nerves. :)

I think when they built the house in 1910 they had so much square footage and were like "hey! lets build a staircase!"  Also, the wall color by the stairs is what the whole upstairs was.

 This is the crib Boaz sleeps in.  That grey box is the air conditioner we use up here.  It is in a bunker window.

 The green love seat is to the left of the staircase.

 As you can see there is another bunker window to the right of Bo's crib.

 This was taken by the window unit looking to the other side where Athanasius sleeps.

 This is Athanasius' sleeping area!

 This is a closet/cubby hole area that is a "club house".

 This is what you see when you first walk up the stairs.   That door goes into Eleanor's room.

 This to the right of Eleanor's door.  My Dad gave her this fold up chair.  It is black so I threw some blankets on it.  It is super comfy and I often find her curled up reading a book there.

 Behind this curtain is another closet/cubby hole area I use for storage as you can see in the picture below.

 The big tubs hold my fabric, and the rod was already there to hang cloths on.

 Eleanor's beloved animals.   And the beautiful quilt made by Marie Madeline Studio!

 Sometimes things just come together when you are trying to put a room together.  The curtains are made from a Holly Hobby bed sheet my Mom gave me years ago but never used.  My sister gave Eleanor the top framed picture and I found the bottom, larger one at a thrift store for a $1.50.  I really love the simplicity and sweetness of Holly Hobby.

 As you can see Ellie did not get the "clutter free" gene.  She is a little messy, but she's our little messy!  Sometimes when I walk in her room my eye starts to twitch. :)

 This book stack is usually like two feet tall.  So I did a little consolidating for pictures sake. 

 I like what Athanasius chooses to put on his night stand, war horse, icon, and batman cup.

This is Bo's sail boat from Nova Natural.  I thought I would include that in case some of you have not heard of that online store.   Athanasius has the blue one and they are really fun.  The boys take them in the bath and outside too.  I hope you enjoyed seeing our crazy upstairs!

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