Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Simple Weekend

God blessed us with a really good weekend.  We were able to get out and run a couple errands as a family, everyone was healthy and we all made it to church, and we were able to attend a beautiful choral concert at St. Joseph's Catholic Church Sunday night (for free).  What a treat!  Last Thursday night was Clay's work Christmas party.  As we were getting everyone ready to go I said to Clay, "do you realize I haven't left this house in two weeks?"  Two weeks!! We all had the flu and then the next week Felicity had an ear infection and broke through a couple teeth, I was worn and felt spent.  That's why this past weekend felt so special.  All we did was run to the grocery store, a park, church, and the concert.  But we did it together and it was so refreshing. 

Sunday afternoon, after nap time, we went in the front yard to play.  The big kids like to ride their bikes and I like to pull Felicity and Boaz in the wagon.  I love to pull them in the wagon.  It is so mindless and relaxing.  

 Wow, this whole selfie thing is harder than I thought!

 Clay took over, much better!

 Do you ever feel in a rut with your meals?  I have been feeling like that lately.  And I don't like that feeling.  But Sunday evening I felt a little inspired.  I had leftover taco meat from the night before that I thought of using again but then I  wondered what I would prepare for Clay.  Remember, we are in the Nativity Fast.  On weekends you can have fish so I wanted to take advantage of that for him.  I put four tilapia fillets in a skillet with a liberal amount of olive oil and bottled lemon juice.  I used my wonderful Trader Joe's lemon pepper seasoning given to me by my sister, put the lid on, set the gas on low and went out the front door to play with the kids.  I put the lid on because of course I did not have the forethought to defrost the fillets so they were frozen.  I'm not sure how long I was outside for but when I came in the fillets were definitely done.  I thought about making some rice but I wanted something different so I cooked some of our gluten free rice noodles.  I got the idea to mix the fish in with the cooked noodles and as I was doing it I totally regretted it, it resembled that of cat foot from a can!  Oh no!  Then I sprinkled some Parmesan cheese on top to cover the grossness.  Clay couldn't have the cheese but he still really enjoyed the meal.  And everyone else did too!  I was so happy.  The cheese flavor went well with the lemon and olive oil.  On the effort scale this meal was like a 2.  I served it will spring mix from a container, so saving on brain cells there too.  I think next time I am going to place a fillet on top of the noodles, it will look more appetizing, at least to me anyway.

 These are the noodles we use, and we really like them.  They are also more filling that regular wheat flour.  I'm not sure you can tell in the picture but I still have about the contents left in the package.  Just a side note if you try these, after I put in the boil water I set my timer for 8 mins.  and then strain them immediately.  If they cook too long they are mushy and gross.  

So if you have any meal ideas or food blogs you enjoy I would love the recommendations!

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