Friday, December 12, 2014

Sunshine and House Tour

 Today during the kids nap/rest time I was laying on the couch reading and noticed how sunny it was in and outside!  I feel like it has not been sunny here in awhile.  So it made me really happy to see sunshine in our home.  Very last minute I started snapping pictures and thought it might be fun to do a house tour.  I love, LOVE house tours!  I love to see how people use their space and to get ideas for our own home.  So here are some pictures of our humble home.  This may sound weird but for awhile I tried to be "cool"  with my style.  Decorating how I thought I "should".  But I was never happy with it.  And realized I am NOT cool!  No, my style is more like cozy grandma style.  I love anything old or with little flowers on it.  I can not help it! So I have decided to embrace it and not fight against it. :)  The above picture is what you see when you first walk through the front door.  Our house is 104 years old, so there are no hallways, everything just branches off of something else.  Whatever, it works.
 Our wood stove!!! Warmth! I am walking around our house this winter in t shirts and no socks.  This Florida girl is in heaven.  I hate being bundled up.  My husband thinks I am crazy, he is probably right.   We call this room the Stove Room.  We try to save on brain cells in this house. 

 See, I didn't really plan this house tour, there is our broom.

 This is the front door.
 The master bedroom is off of the Stove Room.  That basket is Felicity's toys and it keeps the door shut.  Remember the door knobs might be over a hundred years old, so sometimes they work and sometimes they don't!

 Here is our kitchen.  Behind the white curtain is our washer/dryer and some shelving.  

 The wonderful, amazing pot rack my Dad built! I love it!

 Felicity's high chair is tucked away. 

 This is my sewing desk, an old school desk.  I love the little desk but not where I have it.  I can not find a good spot for it.  Oh well, I have bigger fish to fry so it is staying here for now.


 This room we call the living room.   It is connected to the Stove Room with a set of french doors that I keep open. 

 This is the kids art table.  One of the BEST, most used items in our home.  They use this everyday, all through out the day.  It was given to us by some friends and I am so thankful for it!

 This is a massive bookshelf (also given to us by friends) that holds books but also the kids toys.  The kids do not have a ton of toys because I have this disordered called, "You don't play with it...oh gets given away".  I am truly heartless.  I keep special things and art work but I can't handle clutter and I want to be able to tidy up our home within minutes.  The ONLY way to do that is to have less stuff.   Also, you see those three pink balloons?  Those are what the kids have been playing with all week, not their toys.  And they have been having a blast with them.  Yay for simplicity!

 This is our high tech entertainment area.  The dvd player is under that stack of blankets in the basket. 

 This is the crazy rug I crocheted out of old sheets.  If you have old ugly sheets I will take them!

 This is to the right of our front door.  It says, "Lord! Bless those who enter into this home, Protect and care for those who depart from it, And give peace to those who remain in it."  Prayer by St. Nikolai Velimirovic

 That is our Christmas tree this year, the potted plants they have in the front of Walmart with the ugly red bows on the branches.  I vacuumed up so many needles last year and with Felicity crawling I didn't want to deal with it.  And since Eleanor is 100% against fake trees this was my compromise.  I joked with the kids that if I keep alive for a year it can be our tree next year!  They weren't too thrilled with that idea. :)

I leave you with crazy snowmen the kids made. 

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