Sunday, May 23, 2010

Three years ago...

...A little girl was born at home (with the assistance of two wonderful midwives). Two weeks early she came at 8lbs. 3 oz. --- we were thankful she was early. She had a head full of dark hair that is now blond, and beautiful blue eyes. She isn't a baby anymore but a three year old little lady. Eleanor is sweet, talkative, crazy about her little brother, Mommy's helper and Daddy's partner. When Ellie was born we didn't know ANYTHING about babies, I remember calling a friend from church about all the ways to burp a baby! Poor Ellie...I'm so thankful she is still alive! ha ha--- In these three years we have learned so much. We know how to burp a baby now, but God has mostly taught us about love, mercy, forgiveness, longsuffering, compassion, self control, creativity, prayer, faith, trust, and joy. Children are an inheritance and HAPPY are Clay and I because our quiver is getting filled. Those that put off children are missing out, not just on the fun and hilarity that kids are, but their sanctification process --- you want to learn all the stuff Paul teaches us to be with each other, the body of Christ, have kids. Have children, trust God, and enjoy the ride!

So, back to Eleanor...the other day she was telling me that a turtle is a turtle but a shark is...bigger. And today, Clay was talking about an ipod he wants to purchase and she keeps calling it a seedpod. That's my girl! What a gift God has given us, us who are young and clueless --- but us who are trying to live faithfully. We love you Ellie!! year ago Athanasius was born! He was also born at home, with a head full of hair, three days over due weighing 8lbs. 1oz. And BOY what a blessing he has been to our home, he spiced up the personality just a little bit more. He is a boy, he loves to bang things, pull things out of my cabinets, play with big sis or take what big sis has. He looks little but he is strong and precise, he isn't clumsy. He is my cuddle bug, and loves when Daddy comes home. He has received three haircuts thus far. And Ellie everymorning, with out fail ask, "Can I get my brother." :) We love you Athanasius!! Happy Birthday to our babies and thank You God for allowing us to love and shepherd them!


  1. What a joy children are! You and Clay are doing a wonderful job of being parents. God is so merciful to young parents. I did not have the privilege of having any of my babies at home, but we are blessed nonetheless. After 3 sons, we had our first daughter. I completely understand the burp thing. :) I had to call the nurse for help because I didn't know how to clean up a messy GIRL! Yikes! The journey continues. It is a pleasure to watch you and your family grow.

  2. Hi Brookie,
    It's sure nice to see the smiling family again. I hope everybody is well & happy. I'm working my way through the books Clay recommended. Mike Webb

  3. Thanks Mike Webb! I'm so glad you enjoy my little blog, I wish I would post more often. I have so many ideas, just not the time! :) We are doing good, I'm learning to take it day by day. I will tell Clay you are reading them. Have a good day!