Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ellie Speaks

Ellie: "Mom, I was just reading some verses."
Me: "What verses?"
Ellie: "The one where God made Earth, Mars, and Saturn. And the one where He made fairies."
(We have no idea where she heard about the different planets, and the fairies, we are working on you will see.)

Ellie is really imaginative so sometimes we talk about things that are real and things that are pretend.
Me: "Let's talk about things that are unicorns are pretend."
Ellie: "Right!"
Me: "And...fairies are pretend."
Ellie: "Yep!"
Me: "And...Hobbits are pretend."
Ellie: [With a very serious face.] "No Mom, Hobbits are real."

I'll be honest, I laughed out loud. She was so sure they were real...they do look real, just mini.


  1. I'd probably say the same thing. That's too cute.

  2. Oh she's so cute! My son is 10 and still confuses reality from pretend. Not all the time but it's pretty funny when he does. Love that imagination!