Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Haircut

These were taken at a Baptismal feast. Some friends at church had their new baby baptized so to celebrate they hosted our whole congregation for lunch after church. There was excellent barbeque and sides, a kiddie pool, and a lot of beer. What better way to celebrate a new Covenant member?
Here is one of Eleanor just because she is so cute.

Athanasius pretty much tinkered around the whole time. He found this great plastic rod thing and a wagon that he pushed around. While Ellie was anywhere and everywhere. Part of me was always relaxed because I knew where Athanasius was but then the other part wasn't because I was always looking for Eleanor. different my children are; I love you.
The lovely wagon he was so content pushing around.


  1. Bryan looked over my shoulder as I was reading this post and he said, "Hey! You saw the new update before I did. That's not fair." ;) He always reads his subscriptions in his google reader, while I just go to the actual site. I have a hard time figuring out technology, but I sure know how to type in the web address!

    Athanasius looks so old! Like a little boy! And you know, I think he looks a lot like you, Brooke. Do you get that a lot or no?

    Sounds like the baptismal feast was a good time. =)

  2. That is funny Jill! I just look at the sites too and Clay tells me he can set it up so I will be notified. :) Some people tell me Athanasius looks like me, like the shape of his face. But what is weird is he looks just like Clay around this age.

  3. LOVE the hair cut! I just cut Will's hair too and it's amazing how much older they look. Kinda sad, but exciting too. Miss you!

  4. Thanks Anna! I know, it does make them look older. We still are not too sure if we will keep this short. :) We miss you guys too! Hope you have a great summer.