Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Girl

In the beginning of the summer Clay painted the kids room. I wasn't really sure what I wanted so I just picked white. Before he started I knew I would like better than it was. One wall was burgundy and the other three this over the top camel/tan color. I really didn't like it for a kids room. But when he finished I realized I LOVED the white. The room has two big windows and gets a lot of sun, it is a happy room. With the white it seems so fresh and clean now. It was a long day of painting for Clay and me keeping the kids busy with stuff to do, along with looking at ALL their stuff in our tiny living room...but when bed time came it was so worth it. Ellie walked in with everything rearranged and looking fairly normal, she surprised us with loving the new room. She kept thanking Daddy for painting it and me for rearranging her furniture. It was so cute! Literally...all night, off and on she kept thanking us. Here are some pictures Clay got of her first night in the new room.
Four year old bedtime reading material...Your Big Backyard magazine. Good stuff.

This one is my favorite. She is growing up.

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