Wednesday, September 14, 2011


God blessed us with a wonderful summer together as a family. Clay was home from teaching so that pretty much changed everything. Funny how the house is louder and more fun when Daddy is home. Not always as orderly but it was only 8 weeks. I would joke with my husband, "I am a lot more productive when you are at work." :) He got a grill for his birthday and spoiled me with many dinners. I made many thrift store runs BY MYSELF because it was 2 in the afternoon and he was home and was like you should go to a thrift store. Okay, I can handle that.

But the summer is over and hopefully I will get all those pictures up for you soon. Sorry to our family far away! This blog has not been fulfilling its purpose. Clay is back at work and do you know what we are doing? Waiting. Waiting for the next little Pearlstein to arrive. I feel a week and a half over due, even though my due date is not until the 23rd. I feel over due because on September 4th I did go into labor and labored from 4pm to 3am and made it to a 6 and then everything stopped. Yes, quite sad. I'll be honest I cried a lot that Labor Day. Not because I had gone through that but because we didn't have our baby to enjoy. But, by the end of the night all the great words my husband was trying to get through my head finally made it there. :) What our poor husbands go through to encourage their wives.

It was a really good thing that everything stopped. This labor was "different" than my last two. With Eleanor she was born from start to finish within 12 hours and Athanasius within 10 hours. But this little baby was posterior and it took me 11 hours to get to a 6. Maybe that wasn't the reason but I think it had something to do with it. I looked at Clay at one point and said I know I am not going to do well at the end, these contractions are already so horrible. Around 1am our midwife was encouraging me to lay down and rest some, I didn't want too because that was more uncomfortable but I eventually did. I was getting shaky and exhausted. Then I started falling asleep between contractions and would wake up for the contraction. I knew in the back of my mind this could not be good but I was so exhausted I didn't want to try and get up. Finally I did and I started noticing the contractions were farther and farther apart and barely anything. It didn't really sink in that everything was stopping, I was so excited to be in labor and see our baby. But after taking a walk in our neighborhood at 4am and trying some pressure points and our sweet midwife saying, "I'll be honest I don't think things are going to start up again." I was so sad. There is so must anticipation with labor. You have worked hard for so many months just being pregnant and then go through labor to receive your reward, that sweet baby. But we didn't receive ours that day. I am not depressed like I was initially. Now I feel calm and well, tired. :) I know he WILL be with us some day and hopefully that labor will go a little better. I will tell this child I went through labor twice with you! Poor Eleanor keeps talking to my tummy telling Baby he can come out now. She tells me at least twice a day how much she misses the baby, like she already knows him. :) In some ways this has been the most anticipated of our children because we have two other kids to share it with. And the fact that I already went into labor. If you are a young mother having babies I hope this never to happens to you. I have heard about labors stopping but didn't really think it through that well. On the bright side it gives me more time to nest and bake things for the freezer. So, when this baby does decide to make his appearance we will be a VERY HAPPY family. A family of five, that's exciting. :)


  1. Hey, I just sent you an email and then I saw this. Thanks for writing down all the details. I'm praying for a baby soon and NOT posterior!

    Love, Susan

  2. Thinking of you Brooke! I know I felt so impatient while waiting for Will's & Amelia's labors to get going again...kind of lost in transition - it's so hard to have to get in the zone twice :) And it makes it hard to realize it is the real thing when it does get serious again! But it will happen and I hope you get to meet your sweet baby very soon.

  3. Thanks Mrs. Brandon and Elissa! Elissa, I didn't know your labors slowed down too. Hopefully the church will get a email, "Hey we had our baby!" :)