Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Be Fruitful from~ Nancy Wilson

I enjoy Nancy Wilson's blog a lot. Not only because she is older and wiser but because she can write on a controversial subject tactfully and gently. This post, in my opinion, is well put and worthy to be read and thought through. If you disagree ask yourself why, and for what reasons. You might find that your reason's for not having babies is selfish, but maybe not. God said children are a blessing (and they are!) but He never implied that His blessings do not come without hardwork and sacrifice. Actually, this really isn't what the article is about, just check it out.

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  1. Nancy's blog was very informative... We will win the day with the Children. Birth rate is the solution not the problem. Who will be the next generation of Christ followers if it is not OUR KIDS. I don't know any believer that has every told me they regret having a child... Great perspective from mom's who love kids