Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I have to confess something in order to tell a funny story. We have a mouse problem. Yes, I know, disgusting. It is not bad, we kill one here or there and then some time goes by and it starts over again. We had not seen any "evidence" lately so we thought we were good until the other night I was in the kitchen getting a snack :) and there he was. I HATE them. I am not scared of them anymore, I just think they are disgusting.

We have had a lot of success with the sticky traps. So, last night around 3 am or so I hear all this commotion in the kitchen. I was soooo happy! If you have ever had a mouse problem before you can relate to this weird joy of a small creature about to lose its life. So my wonderful, incredibly tired husband goes in there. Typically he gets a plastic bag throws the mouse that is stuck to the sticky trap in the bag and stomps it. If you know my husband this is not his nature. He is the type that could drink hot tea and read Lewis or Chesterton all day. But, like I said it is 3am and we want these things dead. Well...all of this did NOT happen. No, he goes in there and the mouse somehow got itself stuck under the oven, while still on the trap. All it sounded like was a war in the kitchen. A war between man and mouse. someone was going to rip our oven to shreds. My husband gets the mouse, won the war, took him outside, washed his hands and came to bed. Where he proceeded to pick up where he left off, sleeping. I of course, am wide awake. "What happened???" He tells me...then he tells me he had to crush the mouse with his hand! He did not seem the least bit disturbed by this, I however felt nauseous. And afraid we were all going to die from gas poisoning because of how much he had to move the oven around, but he assured me we were not.

This morning my husband said, "I can't believe I crushed that mouse, it must have been because it was 3am." :)

Well, at dinner tonight my husband shared with our 2 1/2 year old little girl (who I might add is very sweet and girly) about his adventure last night. And the part I assumed he would leave out (the "hand crushing" part) he told her! And she said "yeh! And I killed him with my fork!" We started cracking up. Then my husband tried to get her to say, "meet your maker mouse." But she was done. So what does your family discuss over dinner, conversations here have been all over the map. That's all for now, Swiss Family is on so Mama is sneaking upstairs to wrap Christmas presents. Have a great night with your family!


  1. Oh, how cute! Seriously, that is too funny. Right now, our dinner conversation is pretty much the same as it always has been ... we are both definitely looking forward to when Hadassah can talk & carry on conversations. There are so many fun phases with kids!

  2. I LOVE it!! What a great story and one we can completely relate to. Oh the joy of dying mice!!!


  3. Children! What a delight they are.

    ...and what a hilarious story. :)

  4. *laugh*
    we had a RAT fall from a water damaged part of our cieling not 2 feet from my head a couple of years ago.... ended up with Papa cornering it in the bathroom with a wiffle bat...

    lets just say... nothing...

  5. Thanks Abi, your horrible experience brings me comfort! Ha ha!