Thursday, August 19, 2010


For four years I have packed my husband a lunch everyday for work. And to be honest I haven't really enjoyed it all that much. I did not complain or vocalize my dislike, it was just "one of my chores" that I have to do. But this summer it hit me, making my husband's lunch is a GREAT way to show him how much I love him, to refresh him with a little bit of home while he is out in the world, and just a great way to surprise him! So I have bought things that are only for Daddy's lunch. For example, plums, cottage cheese, roasted peanuts. If I have made a batch of cookies (which we pretty much always have cookies, because I have a little helper that LOVES to help) he gets cookies, if I have pears he gets a pear, if I made popcorn the night before I save some in a baggie. And the response I have gotten from Clay is hilarious! Yesterday he called me the lunch queen...I have always wanted to achieve that status. :) He has been so blessed by this little adjustment in my attitude, and so have I! It is fun to pack his lunches now because there is an element of creativity and love that wasn't there before. I just wish I would have thought of this a little earlier, but I thank God (and my husband) for His patience with me! So happy lunch packing!


  1. Brookie!

    I was facebook creeping a few months ago and found your blog through a comment you/clay had left on someones picture. I have been keeping up with it since then! I love reading about your beautiful family. This made me laugh, The 8 or so guys KC is working closely with right now always tell me how he has the best lunches of everyone =)

    So glad to find your blog!

    Michell (Boyd) Middleton

  2. Several years ago, I had a similar change in heart about the "chore" of doing dishes. I used to hate it, but it had to be done. I started scheduling doing them at the same time of day as a sermon radio broadcas that i enjoyed. It worked out that this broadcast was on near lunch time. I would sit my tribe of little children down with their lunch and go turn on the radio as I did dishes. That was the beginning of me loving to do dishes. Yes, nowadays we have iPods and CD players, but back then, God in His kindness had that radio show scheduled at a time when this young momma could herd her young'ins and get the job done. I'm sure the radio station didn't know about me, but God did. And now ... I love to do dishes. :)