Thursday, August 5, 2010


Clay and I celebrate four years of marriage today! I know, four whole years. It has gone by so quickly. Do you ever look at your life and think "when did all this happen?" Sometimes I think that. I sit back and think, "wow. I have a loving husband, two happy children...but I still feel like a child myself." :) I am so thankful for the husband and friend Clay is and for the life and beauty he gives me. I could get all mushy and embarrass myself, so I will stop. Know that I am a happy woman.

We celebrated by going to Panera (even though I worked there in college I really love it) Clay likes it too but thinks it is more like a snack. :) Then we ran into Target. We live in Springfield but I am amazed how little we go to the south side. Just had to check the clearance. Then off to Redeemed book store. Clay and I love it. We were so excited to go without the kids. :) It is a lot easier to look around. Then we dashed downtown because, of course, we had to end the evening with a little photography. Clay just purchased a new lens, it is a wide angle. I Love it! Maybe I can get the pictures up soon.

Miss Eleanor and Mr. Athanasius spent a very fun evening with close friends. They are an elderly couple and the kids love them. This morning when I got Ellie dressed she asked, "are we ready to go?" I explained that we are going on our date after their afternoon nap. Around 9:30 this morning she asked me if it was time for her nap yet. :) When we picked them up this evening the first thing Ellie said to me was, "Can I stay for one more minute?" :) I am so thankful for these friends! Not having family is hard, in many respects. So, a night like this does not happen for Clay and I very often. I am learning how refreshing a small break like this is and the investment it is in our marriage.

Four years ago today at this time we were in St. Augustine FLA, in a suite on the beach. It was lovely and beautiful. But I would rather be in the midwest, in this little yellow house with my three loves...and how I hope for many more years together.


  1. Happy Anniversary--- I just thinking about how rare a wonderful marriage is but how it is one of the most worthwhile pursuits ever... and one of the best gifts we could ever give our munchkins! I can hardly believe it's almost been four years for us too! The days have flown by!

    Happy, happy anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary! The love you have for your husband and children is so evident in every post, I pray to be a wife and a mother just like you someday. I hope the rest of your years together are even more wonderful than these first ones.

  3. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you had a wonderful day together, just the two of you. =) And your Ellie is adorable beyond words.