Friday, September 24, 2010

Good Words Friday

Well, Friday is almost over but I still made it. These words are from the wise Jane Austen. I started Northanger Abbey last week and am really enjoying it. I asked Clay if we have a little girl next what he thought about the name Austen? He said , " Would people first think Austin, TX or Jane Austen ?" Good point. That name is out.

"...Compliments on good looks now passed; and, after observing how time had slipped away since they were last together, how little they had thought of meeting in Bath, and what a pleasure it was to see an old friend, they proceeded to make inquiries and give intelligence as to their families, sisters and cousins, talking both together, far more ready to give than to receive information, and each hearing very little of what the other said."

I I a giver or a taker in conversations? Thanks Jane, since we are friends now, for bringing that to my attention. :)


  1. Northanger Abbey! A long time ago (post-marriage, pre-kids) Bryan & I were watching a late-night (maybe midnight?) special on PBS. It was the strangest little movie. We didn't see it from the beginning and had trouble understanding exactly what was going on. Well, then a little clip said "Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey will return after blah-blah-blah". Bryan didn't hear it, so when I told him that it was a movie based on a Jane Austen novel, he didn't believe me. I think you'd probably understand if you saw the movie. It was just really....weird. Odd. Anyway, I had never heard of Northanger Abbey until then, and actually haven't heard about it again until now!
    So now on to a topic completely unrelated, have you heard of Made? I figured since you're so crafty you probably have, but I just discovered it. And am pretty much in inspiration heaven over here. =) I remember you saying that Ellie is going to dance, and so I thought of you with this post: The giveaway is over, but I thought you might be interested in seeing the cute project! Hope you & the family are doing well!

  2. -Katie B- I loved that book! It was especially fun, since for my 17th birthday, Micah gave me two Jane Austen books. NA being about a girl named Catherine who was 17 made it all the more interesting!