Thursday, May 19, 2011


I was trying to be a good pregnant lady and rest. Sometimes this goes well for me but today I kept thinking about a post idea. So up I got, grabbed a piece of dark chocolate for blogging fuel and here I am...

My life doesn't seem very accomplished by the world's standards. I do not have a college degree, I am a little "stay at home mom", I do not make any money, I am not even twenty five, and am expecting our third baby. What am I doing with myself? Well, it looks like nothing but being bored and aging the world's standards.

By our, my husband and I, standards my life if full and very accomplished. Actually I never pictured myself quitting school, getting married young and having many babies. But God did, so I guess I needed it all. Sometimes people will ask me what I do all day? I really just want to tell them, "I do all the things around my house you wish you could do but don't because you send your kid to daycare and work 40 hours a week." But...I haven't figured out how to make that sound sweet and loving so I skip that part. I usually say something like...I do and learn whatever I want. Meaning, if I want to make granola or bread for the first time, I do. If I want to recover a chair I have time to find fabric and try my hand at it. I read stories to my kids and feed them good food. If I want to learn about ph levels and how to make my family healthier I can because I have the time. Basically, I have the time to bless and nurture my family.

Having babies is just plain hard work. In so many ways. You have to keep yourself healthy so therefore you have to plan a menu and make shopping lists, you have to play and talk with your kids, you have to be joyful and patient even when you are huge and pregnant and everything inside you does not feel like being joyful. You have to make three decent meals a day. You have to have things for your kids to do during the day and teach them and discipline them. You have to pray for the them, a lot. Look at all this energy coming out of you in so many ways. If you are a "stay at home mom" --- which by the way I hate that phrase. It should just be Mom. :) But if you are trying to have babies to God's glory and feeling like you are not doing much with your life, do not be deceived. You are doing so many great and holy things. Things that may not seem like it now in the midst of the chaos. You are raising arrows for God's kingdom, so you are kind of raising a sub-army for the kingdom of God. What better job could there be than that? And, what professional woman out there gets a two hour break everyday? You do though, it is called nap time. :) So eat some dark chocolate while you write your massive grocery list or grab a sweet tea when you are out shopping. Enjoy your "job" and know that you are doing a great thing by having kids, staying at home, and smiling when they ask you 200 questions in one day.

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  1. Thanks for this Brooke! It is a good reminder. Just the other day our construction crew manager walked in and asked: "So, what do you do all day?" I wanted to say, you mean besides caring for three babies, remodeling our house, and doing farm chores? :) I'm always stumped with how to answer that question. Someday I'll come up with a good short answer!