Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bird House


My Aunt and Uncle gave Ellie a bird house for her birthday. Not just any bird house, one that she could paint and then Mommy put together. It was so fun! It was such an "Ellie" type of gift. She didn't get it on her birthday because I knew she would want to start right away. She got it last Monday after breakfast and asked if she could start. Little Man got a pretty awesome tool set by Melissa and Doug but was a little envious of Ellie's paints. Ellie told me she needed a little "alone time" to finish painting! She cracks me up. We have not hung it up yet because she likes it on her night stand. Sometimes she will ask me if I think she is an artist. Being four years old must be really fun. Hopefully more pictures to come of the little family parties we had for them!


  1. Cute idea! And she did such a nice job painting :)

  2. What a beautiful job you did, Ellie! We are so glad you like the birdhouse and that you had a Happy #4 Birthday. Sending love and hugs to you, Buddy, Mommy & Daddy.

    Uncle Bob & Aunt Frances

  3. Elissa- Thanks! I told her about the turtle you guys found and now she is hoping we find one. :)

    Aunt Frances and Uncle Bob- I will pass the message along. Thanks again for the wonderful gifts!