Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring, Zoo, and Anticipation

 This is from the last big snow Springfield got.  I am trying to get myself and Clay in more pictures with the kids. 

 I was looking at old pictures and realized I really needed more of Athanasius, so Clay hooked me up! 

 I wanted a simple picture with all the kids...this is what I got.  Oh well, at least two people are looking at the camera.

 Clay got off work early enough on Friday that we still had a couple hours at the zoo before closing. We love our little zoo!  We have been so many times and never tire of it.

 The picture on the right was taken when Athanasius was just a baby!  And the picture on the left was taken this week in the same spot!  I love it! 

 This one is also at the zoo when Boaz was five months old. 

 Fifi was amazed at everything she saw.  She has no fear.  If it wasn't for Clay and myself she might have stuck her whole hand in a goats mouth.

 This is so Boaz...finding something to tinker with when everyone else around him is doing something totally different.  :)

 Fifi did a lot of this. 

 I can not count how many times we have been to the zoo, a lot, and every single time Eleanor gets a map.  Traditions.

 I have been wanting to do a craft with the kids for Pascha (which is next weekend).  I saw this online and realized we had everything on hand!  The kids loved putting this together, I really only helped them with the crosses which were a little tricky.

For the tomb I cut a sour cream container in half.  I waterd the foliage hoping it would last a little while.  I really like it and thought if it did continue to grow it would be a nice reminder all year long. 

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday in the Orthodox church and I wanted to make the little crosses out of palm leaves but of course who has palms laying around?  Next week will be busy with Holy Week and exciting too.  I wish I had a couple of meals in the freezer to help the week flow more smoothly, but I did not have the forethought for that or the energy.  :)  It will work out.

Clay did his second round of clinicals today and then took the kids out when he got home to give me a break.  I asked him, "why do you think I am so tired?"  He looked at me like "duh!" and then said, "you have been home all day with four little kids...I would be tired too."  I wish I could recognize that more and then maybe I wouldn't be so perplexed with myself or expect too much from myself. 

Just keep pressing on, that seems to be our theme.  Clay with his school and me with motherhood.  Finding hope and keeping my eyes on Him is the goal. 

This week we will be anticipating! 

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  1. thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog the other day. i am doing pretty well - its been a rough past six months with the miscarriage in the fall, and major health issues ever since. i have recently discovered that my hormones are all imbalanced and that i am entering menopause. so, i am relieved to find out that i am not going crazy! haha! every day i get a little bit better.... thank God for that! are you on instagram? i am on there more now than my blog. it is a little easier for me to keep up with that. my name on there is @eagerhands - thanks so much for reaching out! :) lora